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Favourite TV adverts


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This popped up on another thread, Brian May belting out the music to the Ford advert.

An unknown artist but Land Rover did a similar feel for the Defender.  I love this

Volkswagen did some amazing adverts in print and on TV during the 1960s, in America they completely changed the face of advertising.

After they did this, they even took the piss out of old style car adverts with this.  Dustin Hoffman looking young

In the UK we had this, which was quite memorable 

And later they did their own parody, for the Passat

This gets a mention as top driving skills in a time before CGI and clever editing 

Whereas a few years earlier they were relying on the Two Ronnies


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Excellent!  I'd like to put in a vote for the Ford Transit "Backbone of Britain" ad, and perhaps also Spike Milligan's 70s Mini ads.  Honourable mention to Citroen for the Xantia: "Henry, could you just run Sarah home for me?"  You couldn't make that ad now!  Not only is the couple depicted clearly from only one racial origin, but the man is seen doing the driving.  I feel old...

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