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I find myself debating whether to go down to Blantyre to get these:



They're 15" BMW wheels with 205/60/R15 winter tyres, for £120.

Squishy. Surely they can't look any worse than the E46 wheels currently on it.

They do look like they're from a fairly modrin one, the offset could be all to pot though.

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Sidewalls ftw.

Much more comfort, much more predictable at the limit even if there is marginally less overall grip.

I don't understand the liking of huge metal discs (unless needed to clear humongous brakes) and rubber band tyres.

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The main issue is that I'm in a 2nd floor flat and have nowhere to keep wheels (other than in my spare room).

I know plenty of people nearby with units, but I'm not sure I'd get the wheels to one of them instantly. I mean, if I were to put the 15s on immediately I'd still have the 16" E46 wheels to store somewhere (and potentially sell).

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