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Supernaut's Cars - 323i / Spaceship


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Some bits of BMW have arrived.


Two entire front wishbones with all balljoints and bushings already attached to them.

Inner and outer track rod ends for both sides, plus ARB drop links too.

All Meyle HD in one kit that was cheaper than buying the parts I needed individually.



However, first of all it'll be getting dropped off with the local Central Belt Welder tomorrow. Then on Saturday I'm fucking off on holiday for over a week! 🤣

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1 hour ago, Split_Pin said:

Glad you are getting it sorted.

The Civic is also getting some love.

I'm going to the west coast for 3 nights on Saturday, then will spend 2 nights up near Thurso, but... once I get to Aberdeenshire next Thursday I'll spend a few days at the parents' farm. They have a big barn I can work in, and I have rear discs, pads, a left rear caliper and a left handbrake cable for the Civic. Plus wire brushes and copper grease.

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The Civic has been doing admirably.

I think I drive it faster than the BMW due to being less precious about it... It's been making some impressive compressor stall the past few days on some full throttle gear changes.


I'm sure it's fiiiine, right...?



Our resident tame welder currently has the BMW and has been digging into the rear jacking points, finding just how borked they really are... It's still worth it though!




Anyway, I just spent 3 nights at a farm near Plockton, now I'm on my second night near Thurso. Tomorrow I drive down to Aberdeenshire then work on the Civic's rear brakes...

I even got to hand feed raccoons at the farm;


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4 hours ago, cort1977 said:

Trash panda! Was it tame? Wild ones can be feisty little buggers.

Yep, totally tame. Was eating pecan nuts from my hand, and dribbling on me.


I got to Aberdeenshire yesterday, and today I have been mostly fighting with the retaining screws on the Civic's rear discs.



However, it now has new rear discs and pads, plus a left rear caliper. I even cleaned up the pad carriers with a file so that the pads now move freely.


The stretched left handbrake cable got removed from the old caliper with bolt cutters, and I'll need to get the car high up on some ramps to do that job.

Not today though.

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