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I bought a big and joined the circus.


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Got to Manor Heath Park in Halifax at about half eleven. Had a scoff and off to bed. This morning before I got up Ivor was gone and I'm still not sure why we came here yesterday. I had a few things I could've done in Newcastle. 

As I am water manager my first duty is to see if the nearest hydrant is in a usable position. In this case it most definitely isn't as it's in the middle, on the white line, of Saville Park Rd, which is quite busy, so that's a non starter. Ok. Start looking for alternatives. Chip shop up the road is close but still have to cross a road. Trotted off to the nearest buildings to see if there was anything usable. Entrance to Manor Heath Park childrens adventure park has a few private houses so knocked the nearest one. A woman answered and when I explained the situation and asked if we could use her outside tap she said she didn't think there was a problem but would have a chat with her partner. So I'll go down later about 6/7 and bribe them with money and tickets to let us use it. I'll start on £150 and a couple of tickets but there is room to haggle. 

Looks like I'm going to be here all day doing precisely fuck all. I'm getting bored.

Here's a, shit, pic of the site. In the background, on the other side of the middle clump of trees, is where the water is. Hope there's enough pipe.


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I haven't had time for an update until now. Lots of stuff happening. The move to Halifax went as smoothly* as usual with everything on site by 3am. My final drive got me here at about midnight and at about 4am all the water was on. The deal for the water was 6 tickets, which was great. They are getting front row VIP seats and everything they want to eat and drink. I think it will be a night to remember for them. Only problem is, the pressure isn't great so I have to cut everybody off during the shows just to be sure the public toilets and shops get enough. 

Had to take two of the brothers up to Manc airport yesterday so they could fly back to Dublin. They come over on every move because they have HGV1 licences and will be back to drive down to Paignton on Saturday. Left at 8.30 in the , dreadful, LDV which seriously FTP'd a few miles outside Halifax. Clutch disintegration. Had to wait for Ivor to arrive in the Tranny along with a car to continue to Manc. With a 8ft strap attached and me in the LDV,  Ivor took off at a rate of knots hitting 60mph. Luckily on the motorway. Mind you round the houses got a bit hairy at times as I could see fuck all in front of him because the cage, of diesel of course, blocked any view. Got it to a garage that Ivor knew where the guys laughed there tits off at it, scrapyards were mentioned more than once, but we left it there anyway. Dunno what's going to happen with it. 

More to come later as the first show starts at 3 and I have to turn everyones water off.

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Water now back on till 7.15. 

My van had a not quite fail to proceed, more a clack clack that meant a drive shaft had decided it was time to retire after 18 years. Bollox ! Got back to the site at 10mph and a load of noise. As luck would have it there is someone who sells loads of stuff for older Pugs and Cits so gave him a bell. Brand new shaft for £90. Not the cheapest, but nearest and 40 mins away so using the Tranny to pick it up. I've got the Mot on the Big at 1pm on Friday so I'm going down on Thurs night rather than the M6/M5 Fri morning and as luck would have it @Heikin Matsuda will do the drive shaft on Fri morning. Top bloke. So that's all sorted. Phew ! Etc,. Bugger, run out of gas now. One thing after another. Gas 10 mins away so I'll go during the evening show.

Next is the morphing into Circus Berlin and getting to Paignton. It's 5 hours, according to our friend Google, in a car, so add on an hour or so for circushite and it's going to be a long haul. Interesting circus times. 

Have some pics of the main supports going up.





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23 minutes ago, puddlethumper said:

Next is the morphing into Circus Berlin

I didn't realize it was the same one. Would Vegas not go down so well down south perhaps? Nearly a month there!

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Looks like a busy day tomorrow. Got to take one of the Brazilian bike guys to get some welding bits first, then going with Ivor to do something then off to get my drive shaft then one of the girls tap is leaking, fnar, and then I'm off at 7 to head to Stourbridge for mendings to the van and Mot the bus.

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Update time.

Got the bus Mot'd and the van fixed. A very large big up for the DFTR blokes who not only fixed the van but also let me leave the trailer there while I went for the Mot. Top chaps. Advisories for brake pads, a bit thin, and a shock so not too bad. Friday afternoon at about 2.30 I took off for Paignton which was not the time to be heading to the South West as it seemed every other bugger had the same idea. Google reckoned two hours 40 for a car so add half an hour coz big. It took me twice that in the end. Lost 20/30 mins from rubber neckers because something happened on the other side Ffs. Couldn't get into the temporary park up because I didn't know about the keys for the height barrier until later after I had parked up for the night on an industrial site in Newton Abbot. The accommodation wagons came down on Saturday so all the crew and performers had to be put up in a hotel Saturday night. I went back up with the first truck going back to Halifax on Sunday morning 8ish which took about 6 hours. Got everything down to Paignton by Monday at about 5am. Still don't know why we changed from Vegas to Berlin, and didn't notice any difference. 

I've been busy, as usual, making a false front for the candy floss machine. At the moment it's on a table which doesn't look very good so I'm making it red, white and blue to make it look more circusy. I'll put up a pic when it's done. Also got to make a platform, for the 'cake' that the girls use for a performance, so that it can be rolled out from the side rather than dragging it up from back stage. Also got a display to make for the toys they sell in one of the retail shops so I'm going to be busy for a week or so then I'll get some time off, I hope. Getting the internet here is furkin shit as well. More later.

At the temporary site there was a steam engine going past so got a shit pic.


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Here is what I have been making to make the candy floss 'shop' look a bit better. This is just the first part. Part 2 is to go up each side and across the top so a sticker can go on. False front style. Looks ok so far. Steve, the younger, gives it a thumbs up so all good so far.




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2 hours ago, puddlethumper said:

Went round Torquay to get some bits and some 24v bulbs. Went to ECP and when I came out some bastard has broken a rear light. Ffs!! £35 off Ebay. Bollox! 

I've got a load of 24v bulbs in tmy garage I have no use for,  I can post if they'd be of use?

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2 hours ago, 808 Estate said:

How do you get stuff delivered if you are on the road?


It depends how long we are in one place and how long delivery is. Amazon are favourite for next day shite wherever we are. As we are in Torquay for a few weeks we can get stuff sent to Circus Vegas box office with the postcode and it arrives. 


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