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Reb's 205 1.8D - It runs!


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12 minutes ago, sdkrc said:

There's no fucking about with that coffee. 

S T R O N G 

Over a decade of smoking has annihilated my taste buds, I need it this strong so I can taste it!

It also drags me kicking and screaming into a state of being somewhat awake rather than the usual zombie like state without the insane amount of sugar in the energy drinks I used to use for the same purpose.

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52 minutes ago, stripped fred said:

Hi Reb, is it a 2.0hdi and what was in the car before?

The original engine was a 1.8 NA XUD, the original swap was going to be a 2.0 HDI but I ran into bother with fitment and electrics, the new engine is a 1.8 XUD but with a Bosch pump instead of the Lucas of the original.


It's just simpler to use a complete known good engine rather than having to scrape together bits to refit an engine that sat outside for nearly 2 years.

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Next two things need to happen:

- I need to get the HDI out of my 205s bay

- I need to order a timing belt kit for the new engine

One of these is far easier than the other.

I watched a video on how to do the belt on an XUD and it seems far easier than it did the last time it was done, but I wasn't actually the one doing it last time so I don't know.

Getting the HDI out shouldn't actually be terribly difficult to be honest because it's only hanging on the top two mounts and not wired or plumbed in. It is a big old lump to manoeuvre in and out of such a small car though. Hopefully that'll happen tomorrow.

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36 minutes ago, DodgyBastard said:

Personally I'd just fit the engine and when it's drivable just farm out the timing belt replacement.

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That sounds terribly expensive for something I can do myself!

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Great song at the beginning of the video. Have you got any details of it please?
Song is by John k Samson from the album winter wheat and is called 17th Street treatment centre.
He released a couple of albums as himself and a few more with his band the weakerthans.
I'd recommend listening to any of their albums, they are one of the best bands nobody has ever heard of.

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22 hours ago, reb said:

As a lot of you are aware a couple of years ago I tried to stuff an HDI into my 205. This was going quite well* until my dad died last march and everything went out of the window.

So now I'm left with a dismantled pug with lots of missing engine bits. This is not an ideal situation to say the least. So where do I start?

I could track down all of the missing parts on eBay and the owners club, but that would mean actually figuring out what's missing and would probably take quite a while in any case, and the chance of finding out I'm missing something important during reassembly would be a massive pain in the arse.

How about a complete engine? That sounds like it could work! Where will I be able to find one of them though? Well thankfully @DodgyBastardhas just the solution!

So I'm now treating this as day 1 of my restoration*

Step 1:


Step 2 will be venturing out into the miserable weather to a secret* location to start the removal of the engine from the donor.

Updates to follow!

Would you like any water for your coffee?

Good luck with it, will be following this.

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31 minutes ago, Supernaut said:

That was quick!

I was going to ask if you needed a hand next weekend but you'll be finished by then at this rate.

Next weekend would be handy for getting everything connected up! Unless I get a burst of motivation during the week of course.


Nearly in!

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  • reb changed the title to Reb's 205 1.8D - It runs!

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