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Pugrot Partner Hdi 8v


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been trawling net for a smol van, and this popped up not a million miles from me...quiksilver spec...only worrying thing is it has 248,000 on the clock...is this anything to be bothered about, or ignore miles and feel the qwality???

also nowt about Belt being changed, all ad states is ..... Peugeot partner 2.0hdi 8v combi
The best hdi for reliability being the Bulletproof old 8v hdi engine
Tyres good condition
Mot till December 2021
Had replacement flexi pipe on cat
Had 2 new suspension struts
2 new droplinks
Back window tinted to hide tools
Glass panels in roof
Heavy duty roof rack
Starts first time everytime no problems with the engine whatsoever

Only bad point is that could do with one of the rear brake cylinders changing in drum as slight fluid leak if you know you know its a cheap easy half hour fix nothing really...

Amazing on fuel I've done 600 mile round trip on 40 and had abit leftPeugeot partner 2.0hdi 8v combi

anyone with history of one of these offer any advice...up for £699 BTW

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8 minutes ago, loserone said:

Miles not an issue.  Is it rotten? How is the axle?

axle?? ok explain plz...

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If it shares the engine electrics of the 206 and is displaying antipollution fault ... run away quickly!

Could have had my 206 hdi 90 for scrap money if I had been arsed to advertise it before throwing it at a motor trader for £200 lol. 

Things to watch are really as stated, the axle, side door catches can and do seize, drop link failure is standard and cheap to fix as are snapped front springs .... check below the high pressure diesel pump is dry too as the head seals can and do leak at higher mileages. Can't imagine it has been neglected at the mileage tbh 

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Well sounding good then..so it's same lump as i have in the pickarse then? 90Bhp non intercooled turbot dizzle

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decent engines, 110 feels a completely different beast to the 90, but has an intercooler etc

good for many many miles

i have noticed on both of my C5 and picasso they tend to start having slight injector issues as the mileage increases, little splutter or uneven idle etc

it will likely hesistate slightly around 28 mph, nothing to really worry about i've found

otherwise, they are great lumps, being a 90 it won't have a dual mass flywheel


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