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Not a collection, a repatriation of man and machine.

Sir Chocolate Teapot

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Yea good luck.  Getting back into UK sounds a big thing...it was going to be test-free until a last minute change of mind. 

Carry evidence of your vacs and masks etc. 

My only other advice is to load Twitter on yr device - you can get live port updates and ferry info - very useful if there are problems developing.  All clear at moment.



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Oh it's definitely a Brave trip!  I reckon it even qualifies as Heroic!  WCPGW?  It's  UK car, which I'm assuming you took over there in the first place, so I guess you have enough confidence in it to make the return run.  I wish you nothing but good luck on the way!

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Safe journey! Go steady and it'll be fine. The weather is great here this week, so not too much of a difference there. You'll be here in time to come up to the Field of Dreams on July 31st if you like. Come over and meet some of the AS crew in person to welcome you back to Blighty.

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Eeep. Take plenty of water and salt tablets/electrolyte goo as you're going to lose your bodyweight in sweat. With those tyres driving in rain's not a great idea either, but perhaps that won't be a problem. If I'm going more than 30 mins in the land rover I wear earplugs, it makes it much less tiring. 


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Update time.

Little sleep last night as at midnight i remembered i had not filled in uk govv locator form, finally probably went to sleep at 1 am.

Alarm at 5am.

Breakfast ideal for long distance masocists


Plus 2 bits toast

Set of for uk 6am.


My old village, not my old house!


Switzerland achieved after 4 hrs thx to traffic around milano and como.




Not many about on swiss roads.


Road side lunch of healthy champs, saving the burger king for evening meal.


250 miles completed, nothing coming out the top or bottom, running well , but slow !

So far average speed including 1 fuel stop and 1 lunch stop.  39 mph average !

This is going to take some time..

Eventually made it to overnight stop near Nancy france, 450 miles in 10.5 hrs . Average speed creeping up.

So far about 35mpg and on the flat french bits cruising at a gps 53 mph.

The sj has got a gpl installation, but i don't use it for constant high rev motorway stuff.

With Earplugs in it is surprising comfortable (all relative) on the smooth motorways.

The sj has used no oil or water so far, it is fully loaded inside, probably equal to 3 up.  I am sweating inside but the sj soldiers on.

And now the cock ups. I only have 2 left turns on whole trip, and i turned left to early on the first one, ended up going smaller scenic roads for about 80kms, a lot of time in 3rd gear up steep hills.

Never book a cheap hotel without seeing pics of the outside, i am now sitting in 2nd hotel ! With onsite parking and clean sheets and aircon in the room.

I need some sleep. Belly full of burger king.

Tomorrow the boring french slog to calais.

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