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WANTED Astra Mk3 handbook and haynes manual

messerschmitt owner

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Plenty of em cheap on eBay.

thanks but I will never ever give Ebay any of my money ever again!
You'd be giving the seller your money not eBay. Buyers don't pay fees as far as I'm aware. Depends how badly you want something I suppose.
By buying something on ebay I am directly feeding them money as they get a fee for every item sold - I won't do it, certainly not after I had a £340 chargeback for an item that that was delivered and signed for by the high bidder! Neither Ebay nor paypal would accept that I had sent the item, it had been signed for and the person who got it (in Portugal) was a lying, thieving git! I used to sell about £1000 worth of stuff a month on Ebay and simply stopped when this happened and have never gone back. I have managed without the need to use it!
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