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Welcome to Autoshite! The how we do things thread.


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Hello and welcome to Autoshite.

Autoshite is a community passionate about old cars, but not necessarily the ones you’d find in classic car magazines.  This thread will explain how we do things here on the beige forum and give you hints and tips as to how everything works.

When you join you are a junior member.  As a junior member you have access to the main board.  Your first 10 posts will be manually approved, and once you’ve reached 10 posts your account will become a full member and you can view and post on all the sections of AS. First stop should be the new members thread - Pop there and introduce yourself and your shite!

There are 5 sections to AutoShite:

Autoshite – the main forum where we discuss old cars, unusual cars, bangernomics etc etc. This is the place to share your shite, update on your projects and generally chat shite!

Shite for Sale – As the title suggests – a place to sell shite cars and parts.

Ask a Shiter – A place to ask questions

Modern Shite – The place to discuss cars under 10 years old.

The Open Forums – A place to discuss anything else. Any non-motoring themes.  If the topic involves political/divisive themes we ask that it is placed into the ‘Politics and similar’ sub-forum.

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The Rules

We operate under one simple directive:  Don’t be a dick. We aim to get along OK, and whilst we don’t always agree there’s no need to be a dick about it.

Under that umbrella, posts which include:

  • Pornography
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Homophobia
  • Incitement to violence, threats to any person or group, weapons
  • Unsubstantiated accusations or slander against any person
  • Language that disparages disabled people or those with learning difficulties
  • Persistent and unrelenting trolling

Are liable to be temporarily hidden pending review, and may be removed as being unacceptable content for a public forum.

Discussion of politics/religion etc can be divisive – but we all like to discuss them.  We have a specific sub forum for that, and feel free to discuss all of those things there.  As long as things stay respectful then there’s no problem – just don’t forget this is a car forum first and foremost.


There are a team of moderators or administrators whose main job is keeping things going behind the scenes by approving posts, new members and moving things when they are in the wrong section.  However, if the AS prime directive is broken the moderators may hide posts pending review, and if deemed highly offensive posts may be removed. In the most serious and repeated instances posting may be restricted.  These things will only be done as a last resort.  If a post needs hiding or editing a moderator will comment on the post being edited with the reason why.  

If there are any administrative things which need attention please don’t hesitate to report a post or PM any of us, but please do be mindful that we are all volunteers with full time jobs and families, so we may not be instant in our reply.

The current mod team are:

@Talbot (finance)
@Slartibartfast (technical side)

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Other points of note:

We have threads for things such as:

-           ebay finds:


-          Shite pictures

News 24 Thread (I'd advise against starting at the beginning of this one!)

Shite in Minature:

We also have a few words and phrases which really only make sense here.  Head over to the AutoShite lexicon for help there 


There are topics such as the news thread, the grin thread and the grumpy thread which are a quick reference for news. Sales go in the for sale section, and questions in the Ask a shiter section.

If you’re wondering a question has been asked before, or if there’s already a thread about X use the search function on the top right.  You can also tag your posts (event, project, Talbot Tagora etc) to make them easier to find.

There is a menu on the top right, and from here you can access your account.  Here you can edit your own profile including your rank (which is automatically preset), your profile picture and your signature.

If you click on the title of the thread it’ll take you to the first post in that section.  If you’re new, and you click on something like the news thread this could take you back many years!  Clicking on the dot or star next to the title will take you to the next unread post.


If you're not sure, the best thing to do is ask! Most of us are a friendly bunch and will help point you in the right direction. 

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