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12 hours ago, paulplom said:

Is it a keeper? I bought my mother one a couple of years ago off a mate. I found it incredibly grim and soulless. That was a 1.6 too iirc.

Northern Monkey bought it off me cheap when she wanted shot of it.

Probably not, although I wouldn't be upset if it took a while to sell. 

Not exactly the most engaging driving experience I've ever had but it's capable enough at being an car.

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Taken the Meriva today to my mate's work to service it and change the thermostat.


Oil and filter change, air and cabin filters and change the clearly stuck stat.


Stat didn't look too happy. Original GM item by the look of it.


Air filter was a bastard, all the screws had been rounded off and rusted. Took a lot of work to get them off. Didn't look too grim.


Cabin filter also an original GM. Given it requires removal of the scuttle panel and the wipers, can't say I'm surprised!


He decided to clean the engine bay afterwards, it's not looking too bad now.


We were tight for time but he has done a corner of the bonnet and it seems to have come up well. Will be getting some G3 to finish off the rest of the bonnet. Also need to order a touch up paint, couple of blebs on the bottom of the bonnet and top of the wing, and the bit of paint that came off the tailgate.

So did the thermostat fix it?


Yes it did! Gets up to temp nicely now and heater gets lovely and hot as well.

To do list:
- See if I can get some better Vauxhall wheel trims for it
- Touch up paint and sort the bonnet
- If I happened upon a head unit and bits cheap enough I'd stick a more modern one in but the CD player in it works well enough.
- Get the whole car valeted.

And then I'll look to move it on.

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Son in South Wales who took over the Meriva I revived last summer, phoned to say the clutch had gone on it. Slipping so badly it can be put in gear without depressing the pedal, he says. Seems a bit odd that it had gone without warning. He's not too worried, it replaced a car he had on a salary sacrifice scheme that went back when he changed his job last June and if he scraps it, it's paid for itself. He's going to ask a local garage he uses how much to repair it next week. He could use something a bit bigger, ideally with seven seats anyway. His other car is a 15 reg C4 Cactus diesel. The Meriva is roomier though and has been good for family trips and holidays. 

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