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Mazda Fiesta rides again


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I always wonder, when a car has been swiped like that, whether you could stick a sign on it saying "if you think this is bad, you should see the prick who bumped his trolley in to it" and whether anyone would park next to it in a car park?

Good job keeping it going though!

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11 minutes ago, sierraman said:

I know I always go ‘scrap it m8’ but it does make perfect sense in this scenario to put it right if it was otherwise all good. 

The rear quarter panel, are you going to weld it on or joddle a step in and use some panel adhesive? Less of a chance of distortion? 

It does make sense really if you consider all the options. It runs and drives lovely so might as well live another day.

I shall be welding on the quarter panel so its all as it should be.




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My mum had one of these in 1998 and kept it for about 10 years. The engine is great but the CVT box is dire, ours went through three gearboxes in 60k. When the third one went, we sold it. 
Ford dealers knew they were shit too and were reluctant to take it in PX for anything.

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The gearbox on this example seems really good.

It's quite a laugh to drive and goes well for what it is.

He does so few miles that I would hope the box will last him. Last year, he did less than 100 miles.

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It's taken so little time to repair so far that it's got to be worth it. The parts were dirt cheap and the materials and paint are at my trade rate so it will be a cheap repair, especially when compared to the cost of a replacement car.

I have noticed the undercarriage is getting a bit flaky around the rear axle mounts so I'll get that cleaned up, treated and coated whilst it's still solid.

Think I may also repaint the other quarter panel and sill if time allows as they are getting a little scabby round the edges. Might as well make it good for a while.




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Great stuff Ben_O.

My mother has a Fiesta of this era, has had it 15 years and loves it.  Sadly due to be scrapped soon due to ULEZ and not wanting to pay for the twice a year she crosses the North Circular.

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Seeing a car getting a second chance after a incident that would normally spell the end. That makes my day! 

We had a MK4 & 5 Fiesta in our family.  An both were excellent cars that never let us down once.

I can't even remember the last time I saw a Mazda version on the roads.

The way I look at cars, is not what there worth.  It's what there worth to me, if there reliable, reasonably ok in most departments. Then spending £££'s to keep it going another 12mths plus, is well worth the investment. Sure you can just go out an buy another, but your likely buying a unknown quantity that could leave you worse off. 

Well done on the work so far. 👍


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Cort1977, he isn't a very confident driver and never was. He has tried other cars before this one after a spell without a car and couldn't get on with either. A grande punto and a mk1 punto.

He says that the mazda just feels right to him and he finds it easier to pilot.


Burnside, totally agree.

My current daily cost me £100 and it was only meant to be a temporary get me out of a hole car.  It's doing so well, that I've decided to keep it and will spend what us needed to keep it going.

This mazda isn't particually pretty to look at and is fairly scruffy but it's good where it counts so it may as well go a bit longer

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This is great. Love for the unloved. The spirit of Autoshite.

Especially as the these Mazda/Fiestas are so rare. Its at that point where its clean enough to do a good clean job on it but old enough to be worthless so makes it all the better that its being given a second a chance. Will be watching this with interest!

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Getting nearer to painting this thing now.

most of the repairs are complete. Just a few little bits and then prep for some primer.

I tried the rear lamp in


it fits as well as the other side which isn't perfect but It's fine.

I put the spot welds back in the shuts



and the slopped some filler over the panel joins and sanded back


just the doors to repair now. The back knee just had some minor dents and scrapes but quite a lot of rust tracks under the paint along the bottom.

It's too late to save that permanently now as the rust will be in the fold of the door skin but a clean up and grind back should hold it off for a while.


The front door was the worst damaged but nothing a quick pull and a skim of evercoats finest won't sort


the mirror is trial fitted there too as the old one was ripped off bending the mounting point. Figured I better try it for size after straightening it out.

Well that's the doors finished


the rest will have to wait till later today or tomorrow.

I plan to paint it Monday all being well.





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I decided to go all out so have masked off the back of the doors so that I can paint the back of the doors.


They are ready to go now.

there was quite a lot of rust up in the rear wheel arch but all seemed to be surface rust so I cleaned it up and chucked some primer on it


And up on here too where the new quarter panel joined


and then sealed it all up


And a bit down here to replace the bit that came away with the flaky rust


And that's it ready to mask up for primer


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