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Kolekshun: Collected, home now.

Cord Fourteener

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  • Cord Fourteener changed the title to Kolekshun: Collected. Going home.

Its a decent thing,  they still look me to me, I think its because the mk5 is more or less just a face lift, visually at least. 

It's as expected, goes well, comfy, not lacking power or anything much really.

Thanks to Wuvvum for lift, tea, conversation, tour of his fleet, well some of it considering it's a vast fleet. An excellent car, exactly as written up.

Stopped at Rugby for a break now, still about 2½ hours driving time home.

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Quick sum up: it's a good car, easy motorway miles, so most of the journey disappeared under the tyres with boring an-car ease.

Nearing home and on the twisties, surprisingly good for the great lump it is. Accurate and sharp steering, good grip, no roll, nice and stable.

Decent power.

Maybe it was tired old me in the dark failing at parking at home, but I think it might have the turning circle of HMS Duke of York. We'll see, no doubt. 

As mentioned @wuvvumwas a great host, I got exactly what I was expecting thanks to his write up and a year mot.

Main things with the car are that the central locking is somewhat confused, there is a resonance coming from the engine bay at idle. Everything else are trifles, a bump down the ns doors, needs tracking possibly, few other things.

Generally, a lot of car for the money. 

Good on fuel too. 

Can't complain.


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Just now, wuvvum said:

I approve of your choice of tipple.

I always thought the turning circle was fairly decent for such a big old barge - it's certainly better than the Rover 75.  It's not an easy car to park though because it's mahoosive and you can't see out of the back very well.

Yeah might just be me being tired and darkified, in the Passat you have square windows and square body, same in the Volvo. 

I'll re-appraise this. 

The mk3 mondeo had a reasonable turning circle for a front transverse engine car. 

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  • Cord Fourteener changed the title to Kolekshun: Collected, home now.

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