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Trailer Tent for a small car - home build


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I admit I thought your idea was a bit mad and why not just buy a small flip over trailer tent. However I'm in the process of buying a Combi camp "Tiny", and it's massive and would dwarf a small sports car. Be like being permanently chased by a big thing. A brilliant project, really looking forward to the next episode.Like the fact that as a big guy, you're making it to fit yourself. 

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Thanks, for your encouragements..  Things came to a halt when the Triumph came home from its chassis swap bringing with it a list of new jobs to get on with.  Right now I'm off physical stretching and lifting work, having had a bit of open surgery last Tuesday, but hope to get back on with finishing and sealing the top lid of the trailer soon.  

Had a flood here last night..  heavy rain washes the crud down from the adjacent apartment block's car park, as well as the windfall from a mighty big oak tree, down to a 4" drain by the cottage's front door.  Naturally the drain soon gets blocked with twigs and bits of tree (even before the autumnal leaves have started to drop), and so the patio was flooded with 3 - 4" of water.   That's not a good place to have things put under cover to keep out of the weather, let alone to park a 50+ year old Triumph sports car. Nor is it somewhere I can continue working outside ..on car or trailer, even under a gazebo.     Naturally, water puddling against the side of the house will only contribute to damp within and subsidence. 

I've just dropped the site Manager a note to suggest that a grated-drain be cut across the driveway's surface to address this, and that should be done as a matter of urgency.   However even as I wrote it I realised that the owner of the property is far too penny pinching and so any such drain is unlikely to happen before the winter ..if at all !   I'll wait for a reply but I suspect ..as of this afternoon, I'll be looking for somewhere else to live, with a garage.    That is a great shame as I was just about coming to terms with living here. 

But I cannot afford to leave such a car parked in a puddle, and my moving here (paying more rent) was because of the patio / outside working space. 


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It's a nuisance but I think you might be over reacting.  It will eventually cause damage to the building so it's in the interests of your landlord to sort it out but I imagine the water is gone fairly quickly?  Did it get above tyre level?

I used to have problems at the college I worked at during heavy downpours like that.  Due to some terrible roof design the water would end up inside the wall and pour into the fire alarm system.  I did need to get that sorted out but it made me aware that storms like that only happen around once a year.

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Thanks chaps,

After (Monday night, I think) flood on the patio where my TR is presently up on ramps.  After two days, once that had subsided, there was of course a whole lot of crud to sweep up and wash out . . 

P1390685s.JPG.acc8f56d1d9128efcb4f01f117959d11.JPG   P1390686s.thumb.JPG.e2f616e00a0bbb793f8482b1f94c6768.JPG

^ a week after my op, the day's light exercise was to clean up this S%%t.  Perhaps it doesn't look too bad in the photos but just from this space and under where the Chrysler is parked I swept and shoveled up the best part of a wheelbarrow load of crud.  I'm now aching (both front and back !) more than would have liked ..but at least now the ground under the car has half-a-chance to dry out. 


^ Job done for the most part..

That was done on Thursday and now on Saturday the top of the slabs are sort of dry but the cracks between them are capillaries for the saturated soil underneath to come through.  It'll take a long spell of dry weather for that soil to dry out enough before it absorbs any more rain water. 

Fair do's to the apartment block Manager, Frank.  As an Englishman of Italian descent, who's lived so much in America that he's almost a native of that country.. he really likes my Triumph, and so is very understanding to my concern.  Since moving here I've also been plying him with fresh coffee on a regular basis ..so I reckon he doesn't want to see me leave ! 

He immediately tried cleaning out the drain using a pressure washer with a long flexi-pipe nozzle that jets forward (to loosen) and then at the same time jets water sideways & backwards to draw the debris back out of the drain pipe.  Despite best efforts, the pipe wouldn't clear (I suspect far too much gravel & sand has built up in it) and still we don't know where it is supposed to drain to ..so cannot work upstream from that end.  

Ground-works and drainage over the years hasn't been recorded and the owner isn't really interested.  From next week, he's off to his holiday home in Portugal for three weeks ..where I'm sure he'll contemplate on how much he'll spend on looking after his property ..which he's seriously thinking of selling anyway. 

I did ask Frank to have a hole drilled low-down through the patio's end wall, and that was duly done. So, should the floods happen again - it ought at least not be more than an inch deep. 

Yesterday, I was down on my hands and knees digging out a grated drainage trough further up the (30+ apartment block's) car-park.  That was totally blocked of crud (another barrow load) and was doing nothing to prevent its catchment rainwater washing down onto this patio.  Despite my reaching deep into its drainpipe, up to my shoulder, I couldn't clear the blockage out of the pipe where it disappeared underground.  Again we cannot ascertain it goes, or whether there's a soak-away buried unseen. Frank's said he'll try the jet-wash in that pipe on Monday.

In the meantime  ..this morning the sun has come out.  Even if it does little to dry things out underground ..it does lift one's spirits  B)

Cheers, Pete.

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