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EightMegs' Terrible Toyotas

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1 hour ago, Spurious said:

My first car was a 97 D reg Starlet. The thing was unburstable. It did everything I ever asked of it and I should have kept it. 

Sold it for €450 which was one of my more daft decisions. 

Very fond of them, love to see more of this one. It's the little 4e-fe too isn't it? 

Unfortunately this one has a 2E-E. My first car was a '98 with a 4E-FE but it rotted through the A-pillar and I got rid of it.

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Harris the Yaris almost got through the NCT after attacking the rear chassis leg with a Lidl welder and some 1.5mm plate, so I decided not to take any chances on the retest and adjusted both rear brakes with the handbrake cable slackened off before getting it tested on the local Toyota dealer's brake test lane. The imbalance has thankfully dropped to 10%.

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7 hours ago, Tim_E said:

Thats some fine Galway shed dust on that Starlet!

Whats the plan? Recommisioning or are you going to literally turn it into a storage shed?

The plan is recommissioning it because they're getting quite rare here nowadays due to a firm not far from me which was exporting them.

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I decided to try and get the rear hatch on the Starlet to stay open on its own and went about replacing the snapped gas strut on the right hand side, only to discover that my spare rear hatch only had a left and had a gaping rust hole where the right strut should've been. I'm going to try to drill out the rivets on both and swap the brackets around when I get some small nuts and bolts to replace the rivets. I had a look at the cam belt as I didn't know when it had last been changed and I wanted to make sure there wasn't any immediate danger and the writing is still clearly readable on the smooth side and there's no visible cracking.

The distributor cap and rotor looked decidedly less healthy and I'm honestly surprised that the engine was running smoothly at all, the posts in the cap were worn down to pin points and the electrode on the rotor was worn down to the base apart from a small section at the end.


I had another look at the front crash bar and have decided that it's beyond saving as there's very little of it left, so I might be going on a trek to darkest Dublin to get a clean replacement.



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