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Collection mission complete - *SVM INTENSIFIES*


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6 hours ago, captain_70s said:


your alarm clock is an AC Model 67 on false plates AICMFP


*runs away*




on a more serious note, chod speed!

I look forward to seeing what it is you have bought, you always produce excellent content :) 

(for us anyhow! somehow I doubt having your engine utterly fuck itself in the middle of nowhere at some unholy time of the night is "excellent content" for you!)

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40 minutes ago, vulgalour said:

Fag buh.  Hopefully the interior is actually lovely and doesn't have any fag burns.

I'm glad someone else picked up on that.. Once commonly heard in pubs of rural Suffolk, "fag, buh?" meant someone was offering you a cigarette. Nice M. R. King keyring pictured  upthread earlier, further proof if it were needed of the migration habits of middle aged Volvos. Nice looking purchase there Captain. 

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  • captain_70s changed the title to Collection mission complete - *SVM INTENSIFIES*

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