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Fiat Punto Cabriolet by Bertone

messerschmitt owner

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I don't like advertising on my first day here but ...Seriously, my wife's disgraced punto cab was replaced on Monday with an Astr convertible.One of c. 50,000 Fiat Punto cabriolets hand-made in Italy by Bertone.Mine, a 1998R, has disgraced itself on the driveway with what I think is a dodgy ignition switch.It is a 1600cc 90 ELX in a forest green colour with colour-coded bumpers and mirrors. It has electric front windows and an electric roof (which operates but needs some hydraulic fluid topping up). It is fitted with foglamps and has done 74,000 miles. Bought with 49000 on the clock in January 2006 so mileage is genuine.Currently, it is sitting on four good tyres, the rear of the exhaust was replaced for its MoT last year. The Mot runs out on 12 January 2010 and the car will be untaxed (currently on disabled tax class) upon collection.It will start with a bump (or Russian roulette using the key) and runs well, if a little noisily, as the front of the exhaust is blowing. The car has the odd parking ding (no - not huge dents - teeny, teeny dings where doors have caught it in supermarket car parks) but is essentially rust free. The roof is good apart from a slight tear at the seam on the rear window (currently held on with about a five inch length of black gaffa tape).A good project and probably easily put back on the road. Car located in Gloucester. I refuse to use Ebay to sell it, even though I would get over £200 on there. I have neither the time nor the inclination to strip it for parts. Car is for sale at £150, cash on collection.The Punto is a good-handling and quite sporty cabriolet and now becoming rare on Britain's roads. This one is a solid wee car that has given us four years of fun motoring.PM me or call me on 07768 268919 to discuss.If you've read this far, I may advertise some other classic tat soon - although I am duty bound to enjoy myself here first reading some posts, replying to them and generally being a nuisance until I decide what to do with the Honda Zs and the Hiace.Campbell

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Welcome! you definitely need to put some pics up of your fleet, sounds very interesting! glad there is another microcar perv on here finally!

I'll try some pics soon - the bubbles were an obsession at one point - I had twenty or so at one time back in the days when I could buy them for £200 a time.
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