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SKcats fleet, seat cordoba top end engine rebuild!


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Not much has been going on lately, just been messing around with the rover, fitted the vitesse door cards, taking the time to replace the speakers upfront while I'm at it. I found the front passenger door lock actuator was acting up. Stripped it apart and found a broken gear. 


This units cost a lot of money sadly, rimmers wanted £150,  I found one on ebay for £80 and a used one for £38. Messing with the search and rather then searching for a 800 actuator but a 820 got me. What I wanted, listed without a part number for £18 new old stock. It was missing half the linkage but nothing was wrong with mine. 


It was a right pain getting that deep into the door to take it in and out a couple times with all the linkage. 


And after bolting it all together all four doors work off the central locking as well as from the interior pins.

I also scored a leather centre armrest from a later sterling with the woodgrain affect on the back. Sadly it's not the black that matches the vitesse interior but it does make it much more plush. 

When I removed the rear bumper to weld the boot the right bracket itself rotted off the crash bar. I pulled the bumper off too fix it properly and the left side rotted off too:


Lucky enough I picked a much nicer one off a car that was due to be crushed the very next day! 


And with that the rear bumper is properly fitted and no longer held to the back of the car with cable ties. 

I've fitted a new o2 sensor, a new fuel filter, plugged the positive crankcase ventilation system up and added a breather filter to atomophere too the cam cover. Not sure if it will yeild any better results. 

I found the top water pipe was always leaking onto the exhuast manifold:


It all started to crumble when I took it off, thankfully I took the much newer one off the scrap car. 


Was a right pain of a job but it does not leak anymore from the look of things. I did sadly destroy the oil dipstick tube when I pulled the pipe out so I'm awaiting a stainless steel new one so I can progress. 

Also waiting on a order from rimmers for lock pull units so I can put the interior back together.

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Dip stick tube arived for a T series. 


Sadly it was a tiny bit too much of a interference fit. But 10 minutes with 80 grit and I got it into the dip stick tube.

I gave the head bolts a tighten down to see if that would clear up the oil burning. Seems to be less oily and more water vapoury now. Sadly took no photos of the process. Can look at the new dipstick tube here at least. 


You can buy them via Andy Cowen on Facebook. 

Finally I fitted some new speakers on the parcel shelf area, I found these funny speakers from 2000 ish. I had to grind the old speakers out and screw these speakers Into the old speaker cones as rover used weird 19cm speakers. They seem to fit well and by the time they were behind the covers they don't stand out. I don't want to throw away the packaging but it is just trash! 


I should just swap the head unit out now as its letting all the rest down. 

Just awaiting some interior trim bits from rimmers, I should probably book it in for another mot.

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Got some parts from rimmers 



The door cards finally are back on for good now. 

I've swapped the lock push pull units from the 1986-1995 style (which seem be be brittle and fall apart easily) to new old stock 1996-whenever the the 800 stopped being made style. 

It looks like any year can be retrofitted to them. Even found a new escutcheon for the passenger door card.

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  • Skcat changed the title to SKcats fleet, Rover 820SI MOT Pass!!!

A big shout out to Max for all the work,  effort, problem solving,  etc,  he has put into keeping this car alive for many more years. I  am reminded of a line from one of Shakespears plays about not being able to command success but being deserving  of it. Max certainly deserved this success. Well done Max, I hope you get lots of enjoyment from driving this car.

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On 4/24/2023 at 9:05 PM, Angrydicky said:

Got any pictures of the 820?

I never got these, So let's sort that out. 






This weekend broken the speedo drive I've picked up a speedo drive from Birmingham and sorted it out. 

I've backflowed the heater matrix with a garden hose and got a load of sludge out of it. It has lovely heat now! 

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  • Skcat changed the title to SKcats fleet, Rover 820SI photos! Shedfest tommrow.

Went to shedfest today:


The rover seemed to get more attention then I thought it would. 

I've done around 300 miles in it now and it seems to be running fine! The idle is a bit off, will see if I can figure it out. 

Heating is working great now as well. Just ticked over 150k today as well. 

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  • Skcat changed the title to SKcats fleet, Rover 820SI.

Managed to find a new bit of dash timber. Looking much cleaner then the old one. Makes the interior look that little Bit better. 


Filled it up today and found it is getting 42 mpg, that's mostly motorway driving not trying too hard. I reckon if you cruised at 60 and kept steady 45mpg would be easily obtainable. 

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  • Skcat changed the title to SKcats fleet, Rover 820SI BL show mk.
  • 5 weeks later...

Been very busy for the last couple weeks so time to catch up. Swapped the rover 820 for a suzuki baleno with @calebaaront. Not got many photos but I took this when we swapped. 


The suzuki is pretty peppy, but needs a few little bits sorting. I found out the horns were not working, Apon looking behind the grill there is a big airhorn fitted. Turns out the connections were a bit weak and after reterminating them the horn works. Its loud, but I see why they were fitted, everyone cuts you up in the little suzuki. 

The front Passneger speaker was dead so I picked a new one off Facebook for £10 pulled the door card off and now have four working speakers. 

I thought the rear demister was not. Working but it turns out both t3 bulbs in the button in self were burnt out so new ones are on order. 

Other then that the drivers electric window is loose in it's runners and needs some help seating just right when coming up. And the rear bumper has a big bump in it I want to have a go pulling out. But it's been a great car so far. 

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  • Skcat changed the title to SKcats fleet, bye 820, hello suzuki
  • 4 weeks later...

The suzuki has been doing well, getting around 45mpg and just works as it should. 

Been messing around with the dodge prepping it for it's mot by cutting some rust out ready for welding and today removing the footbrake mechanism and cleaning it up so it would work again. 


Manged to refit the drivers side loose. Headlight. 

Just awaiting the instrument cluster to come back and I can stitch the dash back together. 

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  • Skcat changed the title to SKcats fleet, new car!

Sold the suzuki today to a forum member! Sadly I took this aweful photo for the last one. 


And the new ride:


A 2008 chevy epica, or a deawoo tusca (I think) the most boring modern car I've probably ever had. I've always fancied one as they are just a odd rare car here. Can get some photos at some point. Seems to go good, let's see how long it lasts! 

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  • Skcat changed the title to SKcats fleet, Chevy Epica!

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