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old barge need love lol

bicycle repairman

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4 hours ago, bicycle repairman said:

i was on this site and all my emails went down,its only now got new account my grandaughter sorted,last time i was on here i had mazda montrose now got old volvo 145,here pic off old mazda and here is my volvo solid one quite rare am going to turn into surf wagon,




If you know your old username I can probably sort it out for you so you have access to it again. 

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11 hours ago, bicycle repairman said:

yours looks like one 1st one got be early one on f reg 

Mine is a Swedish market car and predates the official import of estates into the U.K. it was bought over in 2010 (I think) 

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8 hours ago, somewhatfoolish said:

What's the story with the rear side windows? Did they intend to have them opening then change their mind?

The rear section opens- they're hinged from the front edge.  I'm not sure what use that would be unless you had the 7 seat conversion in the boot. 

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On 5/19/2021 at 9:00 PM, Lankytim said:

That's just like my Volvo 145, early with the 2 piece rear side windows. Mine's been in the wars though. 




Do put me down for first refusal on this.... not that I badgered you much about it, everytime I see you 😅

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