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communal 205 lickers thread


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Oooh I can play in this thread! This was my first car, my parents had it when I was in school and said that if I could keep it going until I learned to drive I could have it - I was working Saturdays in a garage at the time:


I absolutely loved that car, it was a NA diesel that we ran on biodiesel. It survived the bottom hose blowing and losing all its coolant, suffering major HGF but was brought back to life by a miracle bottle of K seal. I spent many happy evenings delivering pizza in it, giving it death everywhere and it never complained. It's a wonder I wasn't killed in it really, the way I drove then. It ended up like this:


Note the mismatched fuel cap as a result of an attempted fuel theft - it had biodiesel in it at the time, so they left most of it! It also had a mismatched interior between the front and the back as a result of a huge biodiesel spillage that soaked into the rear seat - the only way to deal with it was to swap in a new rear bench from a scrapper. I think in the picture above you can also make out the questionable rear camber as a result of a fucked rear beam. It got bad enough that the rear wheel would rub the inner arch with passengers in the back. The solution? Spacers! Happy days...

Later on down the line a 1.6 GTi came up on RR and I realised that if I didn't have a GTi now then I probably never would, this was before prices went properly mental but were on the up.


I loved this car as well, the PO had done a great job of sorting out the handling - coilovers, solid top mounts, polybushes everywhere, good tyres and the thing was an absolute riot. Probably the most fun to drive car I've ever had. I put on a reworked head with bigger valves, a lairy cam, 4-2-1 manifold and bike carbs with mappable electronic ignition which turned the thing into a proper giggle, making a not unreasonable 137bhp. I promptly got done for 83 in a 40 and shortly after that the car got stolen and torched. Not the happiest ending, but this is one of the cars I miss the most - especially when you look at the price of them now.

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On 11/18/2021 at 6:43 PM, chaseracer said:

If you're anywhere near upper Weardale, it could be @Jimbob McGregor in my old car 😎


Oh! I’d loaned the 205 to a friend who would have been in Durham at some point and works near Consett!

I’ve got it with me now down in Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancashire. It’s great as always.

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Yeah, do it - for the interior if nothing else. The squeaky fan can be fixed by swapping in a motor from a Partner or a 306, original non-squeaky 205 blower motors are a bit hard to come by now but if you take the fan blades off the original (be careful, they can break) and swap them onto the newer motor assembly it's a straight swap.

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On 11/23/2021 at 10:21 AM, TheIsleofShite said:

205 afcionados your advice on this GRD that has come up for sale locally to me please





Exterior colour is a minus, interior is a massive plus. What lovely seats. Relatively low miles, looks to have been well-cared for. Nice big sunroof, big MPGs. Looks like an excellent means of transportation to me.

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