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Video about how Metros were rust proofed!

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In that bit near the end where he drives the Metro in the Corrosion Test Humidity Chamber, I was hoping for a sight gag where he comes back out on foot carrying a steering wheel fifteen minutes later.

I remember when I went to university in Wales on a wet day (i.e. nearly all of them) you could actually hear my Mini corroding.

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It seems like they had the right idea with most of that, but applying seam sealer by hand doesn’t look like a repeatable process.  They were leaving gaps in them and the sealant wasn’t going right to the edge so plenty of places for corrosion to start.

I’ve done some accelerated corrosion testing at work and it’s really interesting to see how different materials go.  We use a salt water solution and one of those aquarium pumps to oxygenate the water, takes about 48 hours for a component to start to corrode and if it passes a week in the test, it’s going to be safe for 25 years in service 

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