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Tarmac, Transit and oil. A really clever mix.

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Yup, so muggins got a tranny a while back.. all was good but the bugger started dripping a while back. Finally got the time to do a filter and oil change today (naturally the wind decided to show up for the first time in weeks) but i'm not sure that's gonna solve it as i've a feeling with my luck that it's the sump seal or something plugged into it..

Anyway as you'd expect it's been marking it's territory - the usual "I'm a pain in the arse old oily motor and i proudly belong to your neighbour" type of territorial marking..

So now the oil and filter are done i need to clean up after the old dog which learnt a new trick. It's bad, he really did piss everywhere and then today too when (on the only bloody day i had to get it done) the wind kept blowing under the van at the oil trickling out and that was with a big plastic box under it (and by big i mean big - only i can try my best and still get shafted by Murphy*) so now there's little splatter marks to deal with too. This after I had to jump start her old car to get to ECP for another sump plug (knackered seal) and then take another trip for the 36mm oil filter socket. It's been a hell of a day - with me simple things always turn into a disasterous time consuming pain in the grass.

*Have previously used a cement mixing tray under big plastic box and STILL struggled to maintain oil free spills..

I don't want to be an annoyance to the neighbours, they're good people and despite being from the gutter while they're all minted and polishing silver spoons, i'd at least like to pretend i have some sort of standards of decency lol. I don't want to let them down and leave the place looking a state, any ideas please folks?

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Cat litter. Pile it on top, rub it in with your boots. Leave for rain to wash away. 

Fairy liquid. NEAT. Pour it on. Rub it in with a stiff brush.  Leave it for the rain to wash it away. 

Time. Ignore it. 

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This has worked for me before but Elbow Grease from Wilko, doesn’t get rid of it completely but it brings the oil out of the tarmac, just make sure you wash it off thoroughly after 5 mins or so. 

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