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I’ll start by saying that I definitely do not need another car. Two old Mercs in the garage and a leased Kia on the drive should be plenty to keep me busy. However, the lease on my wife’s Tucson comes to an end in seven months and she would be happy with my Xceed, which means that I would need a new daily. We’re unlikely to go abroad this year and it would be fun to have another pile of shit to play with in the summer. Enough excuses.

About a month ago I joined a Facebook W210 group to see if anyone local is selling a car. A tidy looking E240 came up for sale and I have arranged to see it this morning. It’s priced competitively, has 10 months MoT, 130k miles with FSH but 8 previous owners, which isn’t great. The chap selling it, a pub landlord I believe, has had it for 2.5 years.

It’s my ideal spec W210, post facelift saloon, V6, silver, black leather. The seller’s photos are a mishmash of new and old and there are some great* up close shots of the rear seat. 

My expectations are reasonable and providing it’s not a complete shed I’m hoping to do a deal.




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5 hours ago, sutty2006 said:

How much go go juice does that sup then? Always thought big petrol v6 tanks would do single figures 

Depending on your source, anything between low to high 30s on a run.

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5 hours ago, groovylee said:

the seller didnt go by the name of Matt did he? looks familiar thats all.


well bought BTW :-)


The seller’s name was Richard. 

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5 minutes ago, hairnet said:

youre not that far from the king of chod in that area

does it rub off :D


Who is the king of chod? I need to meet his majesty.

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Just now, Peter C said:

Polish deli in Farnham Common. They’re the best!

ahh ok we have a very similar place up here that does homemade rhubarb and ginger jam and insane types of bread must visit :D they will do nutty meat products like yours also :D

more 124 action plz


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