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Lancia Gamma Coupe - lie to me


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5 minutes ago, carlo said:

Love your magazine by the way.  Seems others appreciate its quality too with copies of Issue 1 fetching between £50 - £100 on ebay.  (Possibly a better investment choice than the Gamma too?)

Thanks! I’m not the editor, only a contributor, my magazine was Motorpunk which now also goes for £££ on eBay.

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17 hours ago, Asimo said:

Dug through the dross in WH Smith and found the magazine*. Good article, looking forward to a part 2  when you’ve found one. Needless to say Gamma Coupe want re-booted.

**Amazingly smelly ink/paper!

Thanks! I hope you bought a copy ;)

Next issue has a feature on a very unusual Ford in it from me, plus a write-up from Lemons, and I still hanker after a Lancia Gamma Coupé.

ps - good smelly or bad smelly? I love the weight and smell of a proper mag.

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