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Galantly Stupid - DOUBLE JEOPARDY

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8 hours ago, TooManyPeopleMovers said:

Ah, I would love to come and dribble on your Sigma. 

But I'm in New Zealand! World events asides, it's still quite a trip to come and change a clutch. And my clutch changing skills (nil) may not be up to scratch. Surely any decent mechanic can have a go?

We got your Sigma as a Magna. There used to be heaps when I was growing up...now I barely see any.

Is your Sigma the 2.6 or 3.0 litre? 

3 litre manual 6g72, I've never seen another, 500tops saw one in Plymouth and a brief ownership was had by an AS'er in Scotland, both about as far away as they could be from me in Sussex. My clutch changing experience is zero and my back is fkd so it won't be a DIY job unfortunately. 

Spares seem to readily available, just not through MitsubishiUK  who have just pulled out. 

If you happen to find one when trawling round breakers please let me know 👍

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Just now, Supernaut said:

It has begun.


I'm nervous and I'm not even the one buying this! I think I'm getting roped into helping drive it back north, though.

Because you want it to do well when was the last time you seen a Galant North of the border?

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I do like how these look, saloon over a hatch anyday.

I used one in NZ, 1.8 Auto if I remember correctly. 

Comfy if dull. I was in my early twenties, so I'll probably like it now!

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Yeah just gonna have to look for that exhausts sections depending on time permiting when picking car up for Northampton might stop at somewhere on the road up if anyone want to see said galant but that's a conversation to have closer to pick up time

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On 4/24/2021 at 1:42 PM, rantingYoof said:

Only thing garage cannot source is exhaust (middle and rear sections).

Is it this one? 

Don't just go by the reg number as model changeover dates can affect search. 

My Mitsi Sigma was registered 03/96 but actually built 06/93, between those dates was a changeover/face-lift so ideally check what is fitted and double check what is being listed (bends, brackets, length etc. I ended up getting a full exhaust from ebay Germany, 

Good luck with the search


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See this on fleabay and thought haven't seen any for ages... I had a '89 GTi 16v and though I sold it for a Mazda 323 V6 I miss that more, think the thermostat was knackered but at the time I didn't have the knowledge to sort it out.

Saloons are definitely the better looking and if I remember right much of them were galvanized, damn good buy there :)



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I had a 1990 Lancer GTi a few years back.

It was far superior in every way to most popular hot hatchbacks of the era. I suppose they just didn’t have the image against Ford, Vauxhall or Volkswagen to get the sales.

Same can be said for the BX GTi, Mazda 323 GT etc.

Love the Galant 👍🏻

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  • 2 weeks later...

Garage took care of entire fail sheet and gave it free retest. Also had battery (old one gubbed) and new brake fluid.

Fitting exhaust was a doddle it seems, although part of it was gummed, so the advice is to only fit a gasket when it starts blowing.

Drove wonderfully on the way home.

Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk

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Nice. I was reading the menu at ats whilst the guy was filling his forms out and noted £40 for a brake fluid change... 

Do they bleed the whole thing through from all corners etc? Wondering if I change my rear discs, pads and flexi's with minimal fluid loss and limp it over there for the remainder... Can't bleed on my own and I don't own a pressure bleeder... Can see buying one and fluid costing £40

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  • Supernaut changed the title to Galantly Stupid - DOUBLE JEOPARDY

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