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That black Primera... (Classic Autocar scan, Primera v 406)

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14 hours ago, dollywobbler said:

Yeah, I reckon lift-off oversteer is never far away. It's what journalists demanded at the time, so they could use the word 'lairy' rather than 'dull' when spanking family cars around a track. I never entirely trusted the car, but it is still amazing how quickly it will go around a bend.

Got a hold of an old Autocar test of the Primera. It had it's time on the 'ring unsurprisingly.  With Dirk Schoysman having of input into the handling which I didn't know about. 

Dirk was one of the few people to rival Sabine Schmit for knowledge of the 'ring and not the first time (or last time) he worked with Nissan either.  He worked on the handling with most of the modern GT-R Skylines, famously holding a production lap record for years in a R34

I'd love to take it on a track day to be honest. Strange that it has an awful amount of capability but I was pottering home doing 60mph... 


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  • Spurious changed the title to That black Primera... (Autocar scan, Primera v 406))

Pretty accurate to be honest.  Primera is the fun car.  406 is the better and prettier package.  Always thought the 406 was the best looker of the 90s/00s in a family wagon.


In other news,  I'm getting a nasty brake squeal.  The fronts seemed to have plenty of pad on them when I gave them a quick spot check so I'm not quite sure what's going on. I'll have a peek tomorrow as the weather was awful

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  • Spurious changed the title to That black Primera... (Classic Autocar scan, Primera v 406)

Had an inspection of the brakes today and a pad change. 

Strangely the front offside brakes were getting thin. Probably down to the wear markers. Not really sure why, as they nearside ones were fine to be honest. 

The offside caliper wasn't sticking, it's new and the sliders weren't binding. So I'm unsure how one side had bad pads and the other side were fine as it didn't look like it was sticky. 

New pads in and the squeal is gone. The discs are both fine. Something to keep an eye on. 



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