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14 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

That's fantastic! 😅

Are you going to drop the lump back in and smoke the old girl around as is for a minute as a basic shakedown? 

As much as it would be fun it has no seats, no brakes, half the suspension is missing and.. the thought had occurred but probably not...!

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However, this is better yet. The carb is definitely not happy; but all I did was just clean the crap out of it, tear a couple gaskets and hope it worked.

It'll do for now, in going to maybe see about just throwing a rebuild kit on it but the shafts are worn, it's missing a bunch of stuff that's really quite useful to have.. bought some ATF to drop into the gearbox if I can figure out the cooling lines and the snazzy exhaust there doesn't clear the big oil filter (smaller ones are available).

I plan on running in the cam and lifters if I can then setting the engine and gearbox aside and making a start on the body.


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10 hours ago, Jenson Velcro said:

I’m really surprised that the torque reaction didn’t have the engine falling over or dancing across the floor.

That was just to idle speed- could probably rock it if it was actually wanting to run properly.

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