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1966 Plymouth Fury 3


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Pulled hard enough, the indicator assembly came off. The gearshift selector is all loose.


End of the arm has a pin on it that fits in the detents, prevents shifting from Park etc without first pulling the lever towards you.


Lever arm polished up okay though.

That's the rest of it that needs to come apart now to see why it's so wibbly wobbly (technical term).



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Decided today to pull the engine apart because the weather was nice.


Pretty nasty. Wasp nest in the oil gallery was a nice touch


All four rear pots were full of water.


Heads are equally bad.


Cuban rebuild on the pistons and block (wire brush).


Water was sat all the way up in the intake. Nasty.


I've lost my valve spring compressor. Improvised with a G clamp but I need to make a cage for the top.

It then started to rain so I packed up and head in, out of energy. 

Need new manifold gaskets.

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Also, please note this isn't a permanent repair thing.

This engine is so far beyond trashed it's just to get it running. When I tried it before the compression was so poor all it would do was pop and burp a little. I had enough compression on only two cylinders to even make the starter motor labor.

In normal running now I would expect a couple thousand miles out of those valves at best.

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Real Cheap Rebuild, that's all.


This valve, stored underwater, didn't fare well.


It did clean up and I'm claiming now it's a performance part based upon golf ball physics; the pattern of dimples helps break up the boundary layer and allows for better gas flow.


Some were better than others. That can go together if time allows.


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I decided to get a little Heath Robinson and connected the remains of the shed wiring up to the generator.


Nice idea in principle but all modern electronics are crap and all 3 of the LED lights above the benches went POP within a minute of being switched on. The fluorescent tube continues to work.


Still, managed to clean up the cylinder head. Next up, lapping in the valves.


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13 minutes ago, somewhatfoolish said:

That last valve would concern me, the pits are really deep and the head dropping off would spoil your day. Good shade tree mechanicking all the same.

That's all this is, yup.

I picked down into the pits and the camera made them look worse than they are. That's the intake valve so hotspots are less of a concern.  If the exhaust valves looked like that I would agree more.

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24 minutes ago, jonathan_dyane said:

What a shit.

Distributor timing 180 degrees out?

Winnar winnar CHICEN DINNAR


Yeah, I'm a dumbass and forgot you can get the timing at TDC on the wrong stroke with the dizzy in backwards.


Started up and ran briefly on all 8. I'll go get a rebuild kit for the carb, they've got them on the shelf at the auto store.


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