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What do do with old hand tools

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I’ve got a load of handtools that I need to move from my Parents garage. Nothing special in them as I already took them ages ago but full of crap. But too goodbye bin it.


whats a good idea to do with it?

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This reminds me my dad wants a gate welded up out of old tools. I’ve an abundance of rusty old tut no good to man nor beast which I’ve been hoarding waiting for the time to do it.

if it’s good pass it on though. Used to work in a youth project and we got a load of gear donated that way which was always a boon. Still have a telescopic cosh I grabbed from a giffer toolbox donation to save it getting into the wrong hands. Sits in my hallway as a welcoming stick for any unsavoury characters who may wish to enter the family home.

Hope they come to good use.

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