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Further adventures of The Very Naughty Alfa, as it is now known

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19 hours ago, Cookiesouwest said:

If you need to borrow a working car, I'm local (ish) and have at least two that work.

Serious offer. But I'm going on holiday Monday. Going to Fishponds Sunday, so could drop off.

I'm all good thank you @Cookiesouwest but I really appreciate the offer. Thank you. I can put off the sale of Saab #1 for a bit while I sort the water pump and/or get an MOT on Saab #2. 

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20 hours ago, djoptix said:

I think "resigned" describes her mood about the whole thing...

"roffle", "alfa" and "bolton" are not the sort of words that elicit enthusiasm from Mrs M. either.

She is, at the end of the day, a sensible woman who knows a little about both cars and geography.

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  • djoptix changed the title to Further adventures of The Very Naughty Alfa, as it is now known



@sporty-shite has some timing tools which he is posting to me. Might as well do the belt while I'm in there.

Does anyone know if I will get away without locking the bottom end? I can't find much guidance online except a very good video for the 2.0 where the technician uses a dial gauge [possible wrong terminology] to see when the cylinder is at maximum lift and presumably the engine is at TDC, then keeps an eye on that gauge throughout - but I don't have one of those gauges and don't especially want to buy one. Can I just turn the engine until the cam lobes line up with the locking tools and then mark the bottom pulley before taking the old belt off?

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I didn't lock the bottom end when I did the one i did.  Carefully put a bit of welding rod or a short screwdriver into no.1 pot, and turn the crank until it "peaks" markup the pulleys, and there you have TDC.  Once you've locked the top end, slacken the cam pulleys whilst you fit and tension thr belt, then torque everything up. Don't rely on the timing having been right, use the tools to reset it. The cam pulleys are an interference fit so you can get exact cam timing. 

Youll need to Google to see which cam tool to use, and on which lobe. One set of tools is for the 1.6 and the other for 1.8 and 2.0.  There are also four long bolts in there to use  to lock them on. 


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