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Sh'eds sheds - Tahoe gets brakes

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I'm Sh'eds and this is my confession. I am old enough to have had the first of my COVID jabs, but young enough that I was surprised by the speed of invite, and for the past 25 years have been driving a variety of what might kindly be termed end of life vehicles.


A friend introduced me to Autoshite some years ago but I only joined last year and have made few contributions so far; something I hope to rectify now.


Current fleet comprises a '87 Corvette which hasn't been on the road since 2013 but is currently undergoing some fixerating with a view to summertime enjoyment, and a daily 2009 Citroen C4 (3dr,1.6hdi) which was purchased a couple of years ago when, upon leaving my job and starting a new business, I decided mpggeees were important. With over 30k covered since it has performed this role admirably. 


Mrs Sh'eds has a Peugeot 3008 for family duties, which so far has only confirmed frenchness by requiring a new AC compressor and the fancy shat nav going on the blink, but luckily fixed by a firmware update off a £15 eBay CD.


Now the main problem with the 3008 is that despite being big it isn't quite big enough for camping holidays given the amount of shite we take; and due to stuff we expect most holidays for the foreseeable to be such.


Of course Mrs Sh'eds in her wisdom* suggested this could be resolved by way of fitting a towbar and getting a small trailer. To which I stated something along the lines of "bollox am I shelling out £500 for a towbar I could buy a car that would fulfill camping requirements for that".


Surprisingly the challenge was accepted and I began the hunt. This leads us on to the confession.......


I did try to find something shite, I really did. My first instinct was a MK2 Renault Espace, having fond memories of European tours in such when I was younger. Unfortunately the only one I could find for sale was a French registered one which would no doubt be "easy to register M7". I did briefly consider a newer version but they are too modern for my tastes and I have a pathological aversion to Renners with card keys.


Then, in a flash of inspiration, I remembered another 90's MPV which I had a strange yearning for - a Peugeot 806. A quick eBay search identified one for sale which would have done the job but it was gone before I had a chance to enact any plans for purchasing it. 


Two others were considered and discounted (an £1800 vanlife conversion one and a £450 just needs a turbo one). 


The Citroen Synergie was also considered though again these seem thin on the ground and the one cheap and working one that did pop up was sold fast before then reappearing at twice the price from a different seller. Not wishing to endorse such blatent profiteering this was also discounted, though it seems to have sold anyway.


I didn't bother to try to track down a MK1 fiat Ulysse assuming these by now have all dissolved.


I then went on a tangent for cars meeting the criteria set of being large enough to ensure comfortable camping trips, being at least 20 years old and that is pretty much it. 


The original budget was scrapped and I chanced upon what I in my great wisdom* thought would be a perfect vehicle. To my great suprise when showing Mrs Sh'eds the latest grand plan she didn't laugh in my face and threaten bodily harm if I were stupid enough to actually buy it.


Which brings us to the collection......

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The car will remain a mystery until a, I believe traditional, fuel station unveiling once collected, though I will make note that Mpgees were not a consideration in this potential purchase.


Also whilst I have now embarked upon 5hrs of travel this appointment is to view the car and terms of sale have not yet been agreed with the seller.


However, I have insurance in place for the vehicle, have transferred sufficient funds to my current account and have already purchased a Haynes BOL for the thing so I think it is safe to assume I will be driving it home late tonight!

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9 minutes ago, beko1987 said:

Oooh hello, welcome and chod speed all in one! 

You've not let that @brownnova lead youastray with silly yank import people carriers have you? 

Or, heaven forbid, you didn't ask @hairnet did you? Dear God man pull the emergency brake lever now, pay the fine and consider yourself lucky! 

Hmmm. @brownnova most recent purchase may* have had a small influence. Safe to say had I seen that on eBay I may well have been tempted.

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1 minute ago, Talbot said:

I'm guessing it's something along the lines of


"Fuck.  The head's going to have to come off to fix that."

Nearly! A stripped thread, a fancy back tap (because I didn't want any debris in the cylinder from tapping out the thread) and then *snap* *fuck* etc

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57 minutes ago, Mally said:

You need a smaller garage, there's at least 1" clearance each side there.

It presents a challenge to successful tinkering. 

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1 minute ago, Sh'Eds said:

😁 All 350cui or 5.7l of V8 powah. I think it may actually have more than my corvette being a later version of the SBC.

Very lovely. Does this also mean you'll become a regular customer of all the local filling stations? 😁

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  • Sh'Eds changed the title to Sh'eds sheds - Tahoe gets brakes

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