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1996 Citroen AX 1.5 D

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I swapped my Rover for this back in February from @colc and picked it up as I was coming back into the country from a services.
It gets ridiculous MPG, has laquer peel, and a lovely new rust hole in the boot.

Hauling everything we had in the Rover
s boot and rear seats...

It's since had new tyres and I've collected a stack of spares to put on

It's also been used to live out of while being in Belgium for a stretch, it's suprisingly comfortable once you get the bed set up and windows blanked out, I stuck a fold out mattress I bought for a tenner in.
Useable as a kitchen, vehicle, bedroom, living room, and it's hauled a good amount of bricks to the skip after I knocked my shed down.


Current plans are to continue using it while I sort out my other cars, but since traveling it's developed a squealing belt, and a bad wheel bearing.
Those are about to be replaced along with the sloppy steering rack, timing belt, and a few other bits.
Reckon it's a long term keeper as a daily driver or backup car.

P.S. They look like this when they're loaded with bricks:


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