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FotU 2021 - GO GO GO!


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I booked a free ticket, curiously unlike previous years it didn't ask me what car I was taking, the ticket just says 'spectator' and has my name. 

That's handy in case I change cars, and also because it turns out if someone else registers your car on the booking website (previous owner took the 416 to FOTU 2018) then you can't add it to your own account. 

I got round this by changing the zero in the numberplate to an 'o'. 

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2 hours ago, Brodders said:

I'm in with the Orion.



Utter legend - when did you get that?! 


3 hours ago, Soundwave said:

Rover is booked in. Hopefully the lacquer peel won't make it lack appeal! :)



If there's an AS meetup before the show it'd be great to convoy in, as I'll be in an R8 too :) 

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