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FotU 2021 - GO GO GO!


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1 minute ago, catsinthewelder said:

Alfa 156 ahead, Citroen DS behind that's been following me since Melton Mowbury.


Until broken Ginetta corner, now E220d and Rover 100

Feel bad about not stopping to help @Tommyboy12

Don't worry about it! Theres not much can be done unfortunately as the bearing seems to be toast. Just annoying that the recovery company is saying 2pm to get to me!

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Yea, I was lucky, got in about half 10 or so, just ahead of @dollywobblerin the Matiz. 

But there seems to be about 4 portaloos for everyone here. 

Hegarty would be better handing the management of this to someone used to running these things. Traffic management was a bit of a mess too.  They could sponcer it if they want. 

Cars are great though! Us three are enjoying ourselves 

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Queue to get in was crazy. There was an MX-6 infront of us and three 205s infront of him. An XS, GLD and a GTi. Nicole and Papa in their tee shirts were really nice.Didn't see Nutmeg wagging her tail at any car in the concours so don't know what won as we left early to avoid the rush .

Some poor sod had a bad day. T-boned at a junction just before Essendine. Looked an older car but it was buried deep in a hedge and ditch.


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Few snaps of my favourites 

Chatted to the lad who owned the Fiat, nice fellow and it's got a digital dash too! Winner winner. Should have been in the concours to be honest. IMG_20210731_134956.thumb.jpg.d6e97d8dc045f12cc0c974ed88530b79.jpg

Couple of Pandas, this one is still red 


Sharp looking VW. I think I recognize it from Twitter. 


Maluch ☺️


And the Audi hidden beside a lovely Skoda Estelle. I think it was having a hard time with the traffic. 


This little Extra is ace 



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6 hours ago, Schaefft said:

Traffic's not moving much at all, at least we had time for breakfast.


Count back 5 cars from Schaefft's big black thing and that was me. I won't be rushing back for the next one. I hit the queue 2.5 miles back and it took an extra 1 hour 10 minutes to get in. Overheard someone claiming they queued for two hours. Add the long queues for the toilets and the total randomness of what was where, apart from the Concours exhibits.

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I took quite a few pics, was going to start a dedicated photo thread but I'll stick a few of my personal highlights here instead. 🙂

As has been said by others, queues were fairly obscene. Although I was frustrated at the time, now I've seen the whole setup, I'm not entirely sure what they could have done differently. 

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my first FOTU. Some of my favourites were:





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Now home, sunburnt and knackered.

Thought the cars were great, live music was horrendous and traffic management was shite.. I kinda get the build up coming in, happens at most events but when I tried to leave I was made to sit for 10 minutes until a van with a flashing light could usher me 200 yards down a straight road that I then had to tail on to 20 other cars when I could have gone on my own and been gone in 30 secs. Bit odd.

Also felt really bad for a chap in front of me in an immaculate 5dr Corsa B, original dealer plates, flaps etc the lot - Looked great and he clearly planned on showing it, just got sent round to the normal car park by the ushers who then laughed and said “he surely isn’t wanting to show that”  so the poor bloke was left to park in the public car park out to the side. 

Some really nice cars about today, I didn’t take any pics bar one of my own e30 but really impressive stuff there, very nostalgic! 



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