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Cars of Crackers: Speedy Swede


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I bought a carcoon 2nd hand a few months ago for a fraction of RRP - had intended to use it for the P6 (remember that? It does get many mentions these days) but since the Mazda is now out of use, I thought I'd be good to get it washed and covered for the winter months while I think about selling it. 

A few clip-together rubber floor mats under the ground sheet and cardboard on top, then fire up the fans and away she goes. 


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Bloody brilliant car, this. 


It's been carting us around Snowdonia in total comfort for the last few days and so much nicer to travel in than the M2 pictured next to it. Which cost more than 30 times what this Saab did... 


I had to change a headlight bulb yesterday which cost £53 and was a bit of a pig to get done but Xenons last forever so I shouldn't need to do that again. 

It's been a truly lovely way to get around!


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1 hour ago, mat_the_cat said:

I recognise those spots...Llyn Celyn, dunno, Llyn Tegid x2 from your photos in order 😂

Are you still up here?

Correct, outside our AirBNB in Trawsfynydd, correct! 

Sadly not - came home today via all sorts of beauty spots. North Wales is so gorgeous, I mustn't leave it so long for my next visit. 

This Saab is definitely the best car I've owned so far. I love it. 



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