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Just thought I'd copy in this quote from @Jack D's Range Rover thread, I only need to strikeout one word and the meaning carries through.


The long and short of it is this, it’s a completely irrelevant car.  Nobody needs an ancient V8 Range Rover but nobody needs an open fireplace, a meal to taste good, or a piece of art to look at but they’re joyful.  People smile at it.  It brings a shred of enjoyment to them and a ton of it to me.  


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That's the difference between want and need.

You need sustinance to stay alive.  You want meals to taste good.
You need heating in a home so you don't freeze to death.  You want a nice open fire as they look inviting and homely.
You need transportation of some sort to get from home to work/shops/etc.  You want a V8 as they sound glorious.
No-one needs art.  Many people want it.


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