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98 RAV4 to the fleet....

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Well I’ve fancied one of these for a bit so it’s replacing my mega economical Clio dci.

I’ve spent many a night looking on the tube of you and when I found this on gumtree I decided to take plunge, has one bit of rust on a rear arch and a small dent on the drivers door, needs a polish up but not bad order!

Already enjoying it and pleased I went for it even tho I am now paying road tax!8E14305B-9F14-4686-B122-4891D5A5D029.thumb.png.1b5c3226b66517b893401fbb268fcec1.png09BD0309-79C3-4462-A224-5730C743ED1A.thumb.jpeg.8eea0425c445fbe37fdc66f405324def.jpegAEE3B9FB-378D-47EE-9BF0-8A74A63AE2E2.thumb.jpeg.941b51b9597842f1e6f35e3b7cb8b166.jpeg730D3D48-7FB4-4E3F-8B87-0FF870686752.thumb.jpeg.71209e681d42c47fddf3394b604a36d6.jpeg48E1FD94-DE1F-4F57-8B4A-E32A22DB3861.thumb.png.8f77848c07a62a52bdfef2d8043c8b3a.png

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