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N19's fleet - exhausting


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2 minutes ago, N19 said:

Yeah that's what I'd assumed it'd be! I may just have a nosey around the motorfactors on Saturday. I have some generic gasket material as well.

I found this below where it is clear that is a gasket there. Is the second joint also like that?



Because if this is the right part diagram, you need 2 gaskets. And think these are part numbers that are in the picture.

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On 1/16/2022 at 9:20 PM, N19 said:

I should have known things were going too well. 

Having been called into work on a Sunday to put right some issues, I headed off in the Mondeo. It was not happy at all. Engine stuttering, revving but failing to provide power, really a struggle to do anything. Gave up and left it outside the local garage with the keys through the door after a nice text with the owner - manic week next week and no time to look at it. It's not the clutch (replaced last year, and the third-gear test gives a healthy stall). Idle is all over the place too.


So the Bluebird took up the mantle adequately (although, with the exhaust still blowing, noisily). Looks like the centre section of the exhaust can be had for £70 or so, so I'll order one up tomorrow and hopefully change it at the weekend. I had a session of WD40-spraying on the bolts earlier, and I'll do a couple more during the week to hopefully make the process a bit easier on the day.

Sounds like the coil to me on Mondeo.

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I've not fitted an exhaust before, so I decided to read up on tips on this site. The general consensus seemed to be "don't bother, chuck it at a garage". So naturally I did it.

It wasn't actually too painful, then again I was only replacing the middle section. All fixings had been liberally soaked in WD each night for the last week. Six point sockets and breaker bar came out, and all but one were smooth as anything (the final one succumbed after the freezer spray was wielded).


I realised I hadn't picked up any fitting paste, and prepared myself for a trip to the Sunday motor factors in Watford, then decided to pop in at the local hardware / emporium / we sell all sorts of stuff shop. Bingo! 

On closer inspection of the old exhaust, there's a small hole at the back of the silencer as well as the pretty large split in the flexi. The car has always had a tiny blow in the time I've had it, and this would explain it.

Mating faces cleaned up, fitting paste applied, everything offered up loosely and then tightened up in sequence, and surprisingly less faff than anticipated...


Ran up nicely in the garage without any feared leaks! I was convinced I'd manage to cock it up somehow. I left it to idle whilst packing tools away, and it settled down to a quiet purr once up to temperature. Job done!

I'd ordered (separately) the back section from a supplier last night, as I'd convinced myself I'd end up having to do the whole thing. The rear section looks in good nick though, so I've asked if I can cancel it. If not I'll fit it too anyway or keep it for a rainy day.


It needs to go back to the garage for a bit of welding, and there's also a driveshaft gaiter to be fitted, then it's all up to date with the MoT advisories.

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4 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

Well done for getting stuck in and having a go. Satisfying, isn't it?

Very much so - I do most minor bits and pieces myself, but will chuck it at the garage if it's more involved.

Key for me is deciding what the 'worst that could happen' is (and in this case it'd be giving up halfway and/or having to bodge the old blowing exhaust back on, slapping paste around it enough that I can limp it to the garage so it can be done properly).

If I had a larger garage and/or a space to work that wasn't also where I store the Capri, I'd be able to do more... I don't like to rush things unless I know them like the back of my hand, so any job involving the Mondeo/Bluebird that will/could leave the car unable to move, needs to be done outside at the moment.

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