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French Pug, new arrival!

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Well today I took delivery of a little Peugeot 104 from a member of this parish.

It has been shown before on @MrSchwifty previous threads, but now I am the proud custodian of a typical french dinged and dented car, it does have a nasty dent that will need sorting, but I have no immediate plans to sort the bodywork as it ads to the charm, I have given it a brief scrub up and the interior seems in very good order.

This one is the flappy boot one  from 1976, I also have the blue 1978 Uk 104 which I have now sorted the brakes on and is in good running order but will require welding so if there are any takers it is now available.

Big thanks to @worldofcerifor sterling service with collection and delivery!122917328_frenchpug.jpg.e18553cc97a5781fec5ccaa50053f80f.jpg




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