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Rover 75 incoming...

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It's 2006, and an old lady who bought her Rover 75 brand new a couple of years ago has given up driving, The car is being sold by her son-in-law, with 11,500 miles on. It's especially nice because it's a Rover Monogram paint job (Chatsworth Gold) on a top-spec contemporary with every available extra, It's a nice car!

Thing is... it's actually 2021, and the car still has 11,500 miles on. It looks new, smells new and is looking for its third owner having served two elderly custodians previously. I've just agreed to purchase it, and I can't quite believe my luck happening upon this one!

It's a 2004 Rover 75 Contemporary SE, with the 131BHP diesel in Monogram Chatsworth Gold. MOT'd until 21st December this year & is absolutely mint. Picking it up on Monday!



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7 minutes ago, The_Equalizer said:

Dare I ask how much?

I was going  too but manners 😁 (ok I forgot) 

Frankly looks shiney and almost new certainly looks into four figures worth. This is the bit where I find out how much I can get in it on for and that they are appreciating..probbaly.

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