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My project car thread. Corsa troubleshooting.


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Sent the 306 in for test today.

Started with a Phail!


Idiot! I never checked the bolt that hold the rear arm/P bush on! Still, that's nothing to cry over.

But the garage was kind enough to sort both of those.

So all good for another year.

Corsa is coming along slowly. Kinda sick of looking at it for now 😄.

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Finally put some metal back into the Corsa. 

Learned a welding spark down the lug hole sucks! 😂 

My bought in patch panels were garbage, were better than nothing though. Maybe quicker to of made something instead? Because I pretty much modified it to actually fit.


It's in now and looks the part. 



Think a rub with the powerfile will really neaten it up. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Had another welding session at the Corsa. 

Manged to buy some new outriggers. So on with those first.



Then finished off closing in the rest of the chassis rail.  Followed up with a tidy up session with a flappy disc and the powerfile to neaten the job. 

With a good dose of Buzzweld Rust Encapsulator to protect it all. Inside of the new panel was coated with R.E and Buzzwelds WAR undersealer to hopefully keep it solid for another lock of years to come. 


Now onto the passenger side next. The rail is also rotten. However I did get a complete new replacement rail with another outrigger. Again I spent some time firing in some R.E in the double skinned part.


I'm hoping this side will be easier. Then again, we shall not hold ones breath! 😂 

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  • JMotor changed the title to JMotor's project cars. MoAr weldage and Swedish tin acquired.

New addition to my collection. I'm officially blaming FB marketplace! 



9-3 S Turbo. Good running B205, 88k on clock and has a power steering leak. 

Didn't need it and REALLY shouldn't of bought it. 

However I did. 

Shall replace the rotten PAS pipe I found and take for a quick drive. Then see if it stays. 

Oh the wheels suuuucccckkk. Would of preferred the standard steels and trims instead. Unfortunately the last owner binned them!

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Last couple of nights work. 

New pipe bought. 


As most will already know this is a common problem on these cars.


Which meant taking it's face off. Very easy to do for even someone who hasn't done one before. 


Hopefully this weekend it'll be done. As it's not much use peeing ATF everywhere. 

Have also stuck an order into Neo Bros. For a service kit, new PCV valve and sump O-rings.

I fully intend to drop the sump and clean it out. As I really don't want to rattle the shells out of this car.

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  • JMotor changed the title to JMotor's fleet 'o shite. Saab content wie some other stuff ken!

Sump out. 

Just a simple five minute job*. 

Was worth dropping it. Typical B205 fashion, there was crud in the pick up pipe. 


Should be another simple 5 minute job* to get it back in. 

*Funny lies you tell yourself*🤪 

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Wish I had known (or I had bothered to ask) this before ordering the parts 😂

Never mind. 

Got the sump fired in and used the correct sealant. 

Found by removing two subframe bolts and jamming in a small bit of wood, I was able to sneak the sump back in. 

Once I had thrown back together and removed the fuel pump relay. Just so I could wind the engine over to build up oil pressure. 

Then started up and we're all good. No leaks and no weird noises. 

Well if I had fitted a exhaust clamp correctly. That's nowt though. 

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44 minutes ago, JMotor said:

Wish I had known (or I had bothered to ask) this before ordering the parts 😂

There will doubtless be future exciting opportunities to use the code.......











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  • 4 weeks later...

So a little update.

Saab now sorted and is now a usable car again. Now needs a new owner, I've not bonded with it sadly. Rather away than sat.

Nexia is due test in January, not sure what it'll need. However it's been a cracking wee car. So may spend some time and a little money on it. 

306 has been put on SORN. Barely cracked 1500 miles since I put it back on the road. Tempted to sell it as the prices are on the up. Then again, kinda loathed too as I wouldn't be able to get another one again, because prices.

Corsa is still sat in the corner of my shed space. Starting to see the end now with the welding. Joys of only doing a bit at a time and not worrying about the thing as a whole. Really do want it mobile again, as I took the back axle and fuel tank out. Jolly good clean of both and the underneath and fire everything back in. I have thing about have all my cars at least pushable.

Biggest reason for an update is. I have another car incoming. It's something I do want and will be very useful to me. So I'll chuck up a collection fred this Sunday.

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  • JMotor changed the title to JMotor's fleet 'o shite. Iz done a Kolection.

So today was the new car day. 

We braved the shitty weather we had today. A friend took me down to pick up a car in a secret location (Yorkshire-ish) For something I had wanted again for ages and had previous with these cars. 

Didn't help that another friend had said I could buy his one. 

I never thought of taking photos until we got to Scotch Corner on the way back. 


I really wanted a Rio Verde Green V6 Saloon GLS.

In the real world. This suits me better. It's a GLS Estate with the X20XEV donk in it. Suits the car very well! No problems getting back at all.

Needs some fettling. But I'm happy to have another one again. 


Totals for today as well. As I didn't do this live.

Breakfast? A cookie counts right!? 

Poo count? None. Until I got back home!

Pez shot? Never bothered! 

Service Station Burger King? Smashed it boss!

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So with the Vectra hame. 

I've given it a once over and made a small list parts to begin with. 

Which have started to come in already. 


Then thought I'd better get some rose bushes in stock too. 


The rear of the car is very wayward over bumps. So could be dampers or bushes? Not sure. Thanks to price hunting and some discount codes. The parts were at reasonable money. 

Bought a discounted bush installation tool to wreck and throw away in a rage. 

Did find a knackered inner tie rod too. Annoyingly there is a choice of steering rack. 

Not to worry! I'll check the tag on it.... 


Ah fudge! It's hidden under the rear gearbox mount. So this evening will be spent searching for the wrong one 👍.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Vectra B progress. 


Have been busy with this. 

I wanted to tackle some mechanical jobs first. 

So both track rod ends, one inner tie rod all changed. Making a future job of the tracking easier. 

Knew the fuel tank was gubbed. Ordered a new one. Which made me realise something...

I was surprised at how it wasn't easy to find a tank at sensible money or without a wait. Well to begin with.

Which then reminded me at how quickly these cars have disappeared over the years. Of course certain suppliers wouldn't have any stock now. There'll be bugger all demand now for these cars. 

Fintona spares in Nord Iron was the cheapest and quickest option for getting one.  

Fitting it was a usual ballache when you're by yourself. But it's in now. Thank fu.. goodness. 

Also took the opportunity to replace bits of the exhaust too. Back box had already been replaced on, so reused it. Replaced the centre section and cat/front pipe.


That front pipe was a bit fiddly to refit. But the fact the lambda sensor came out of the old one without a fight made up for it. 

I have the rear trailing arm bushes still to do. As in a previous post, I have both tool and new bushes in stock. Think this weekend will be the time for doing those. 

Can guarantee the lukewarm spanner and some BFI will be a player in this happening too. 

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  • JMotor changed the title to JMotor's fleet 'o shite.

Another spell of mincing down at the shed.

Vectra. Replacing the rose bushes wasn't bad.  The correct installation tool made the job easy. Do believe the trailing arm bush is gone too. So poly versions will be used.

Saab has found a buyer happly. Deposit paid and new owner collecting it next Saturday. Which is good! Can't bloody move for cars at the moment. 

Corsa. To give myself a boot up the arse. I've set about tidying the rear axle and rear chassis legs. 

Rustoleum satin black gives a nice finish and is direct to metal shiz. So used on the axle first. Looks alright? 

Might paint the underneath with it too, after I've gone nuts with the wire brush and red oxide. 


I've arranged to have the cracked windscreen cut out. I want to fix the rust under it, as that caused it to crack in the first place. 

Overall. I felt like progress was made. So feel a little happier. 

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Saab is SELT! 

Washed it for the new owner today.


This also means I need to sort the Nexia for test....

Ah bollox 😂

Yeah nah, two springs and an oil change. Can't moan at that! Love that wee shitbox. 

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Love the little Nexia. We bought one of these for my son when he finished uni. Properly speced up thing is was too, power steering, alloy wheels, central locking, electric windows all round and aircon! All for the princely sum of £500. It had the 16v 1400cc engine in it as well. Went well and was the cheaper rate of tax! Result. had it for several years before HGF saw it bridged.


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Sounded like it was an GLXi. 

That's what mine is too. Very well spec'd for a then cheap car. 

Wish I could buy another for a donor to sort this one. But they're nearly all gone now 😔

Thought I had a lead on a Saloon. But the fella has still to respond. I contacted him in September.... 

Wee bit further with the Corsa as of this weekend. 


So new rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders in all. Gave the drums a scrub and a paint. So she'll be a roller again.

Once the handbrake cable is connected up that is. Have replaced them too, just to be safe. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Banged the Nexia in for the MOT. 

Had to replace the two springs that broke earlier this year. Not a horrible job. Tweak of the adjusters on the rear brakes. 


That'll do. Phew! 

Can't believe it's still plodding on without much fuss. Few silly issues to fix yet. But that sorted in due course. 

Now that Vectra. Knew it needed some work about the back arches. So let's get the grinder out. 


Oh. That's not too bad. I'll just keep nipping at it. 


Ohhh.... Hmmm... 

I packed it up and went home. For a think. Thankfully I planned ahead. 


It's getting fixed. I just need to plan where to make a start from. 

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  • JMotor changed the title to JMotor's fleet 'o shite. MoAr rust and weldage.

Little more work on the Vectra.

Finally got back to something solid. 


Then I discovered more rust after looking down the sill. 

So I just kept chasing back. DSC_0065.thumb.JPG.164d3f89d5616ada66c2219b68a07b84.JPG

I've decided to replace the sill anyway. Not gone daft chopping the whole lot off yet. Dunno where to join the new one yet. 


Not pretty, but functional. I'm not totally closing the end up just yet. 

More inner sill repairs required before that. 

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You've got a Veccy B, my ears pricked up like those of an alsatian! :D

Also, as an odd observation, the 306 is an Ayrshire registration, since it ends in 'CS'

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6 minutes ago, AnnoyingPentium said:

You've got a Veccy B, my ears pricked up like those of an alsatian! :D


6 minutes ago, AnnoyingPentium said:

Also, as an odd observation, the 306 is an Ayrshire registration, since it ends in 'CS'

You'll be very much correct sir! Supplied by Parks in Ayr. 

Don't think it's ever left the south of Scotland come to think of it!?

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22 minutes ago, JMotor said:

You'll be very much correct sir! Supplied by Parks in Ayr.

Victory for me! It's in my neck of the woods too. Funnily, my Mum has just got a job with Auld Arnie's Peugeot in Ayr! :)

23 minutes ago, JMotor said:

Don't think it's ever left the south of Scotland come to think of it!?

I don't think I have, not on a permanent basis at least haha.

My Grandad had a black Vectra B up until buying a Punto in 2008, so I have a soft spot for 'em.

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Inner sill edge and that centre sill thingy are all now soild. 


It'll be all done in red oxide (Bonda rust killer stuff) just shortly. 

Just to remove the remaining sill at the front. Clean that area up and on to a trial fit of the new outer sill. 

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  • JMotor changed the title to JMotor's fleet 'o shite. Vectra B rust repair and stuff.
  • 3 weeks later...

Bit more done with the Vectra.

Trial fit of the sill. 


Then the tedious task of drilling holes in for plug welding the sill on.

With a good coat of red oxide primer after and spraying parts that I couldn't get to afterwards in buzzweld WAR. 

Plug welding done. Time to do the upper edge. Small tacks all along, still blew through. Got there after a while. 


Didn't take many photos as I wasn't sure if it was worth it. The last photo was me starting to grind back the welds. 

Wished I used the whole sill instead of how I had done it.

As a first time doing a sill however. It's actually turned out better than expected. 

Rear wheel arch will be next. The original job I had intended to do first. 

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A little more progress again today. 

Car has an new inner arch on now. 


I chopped more of the outer off after taking this photo. Which improved access for welding the new inner arch on. 

Still a little bit more to do. But that's no biggie, I have actual good metal for welding an outer too now. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks @Dan302 (sorry fella, meant to say that sooner).

So the inner is now welded on too.


With a sneak peak of the wheels I wanna use. Ph1 GSi wheels were my first thought. A quick wanted ad netted me a set. 

They will go silver again, but stuck on what silver. Same finish or same but with a high gloss finish? Then again, I've been toying with going for sparkly high gloss silver to mix it up. 

Nearly ready to snotter the outer on soon. Just trying to figure out the best means of doing that without warping the quarter.

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