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Autoshite chat over Zoom - 8.00pm Tuesdays. PM brownnova for the link if you don’t have it!


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1 minute ago, Ghosty said:

Just remembered something I saw on FB, I think brownnova's a bit busy today. It's his wedding anniversary. 

He has that every year, this has only ever happened once on this particular day.

The priorities of some people!

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3 minutes ago, Talbot said:

He said last week he wouldn't be able to host. 

ah, shit, now you mention that it rings a bell

and none of us setup any contingency plans, or even thought to put a post up in this thread did we, 

(I completely forgot that he mentioned he would not be able to make it, about 5 minutes afterwards! tbh!)


its all gone very autoshite all of a sudden LOL

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Quite possibly late, as I gave the rain enough time to sod off and it's decided to keep raining, so I have to strip the diff in the garage. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it means I have about 2 sq ft of space.

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