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Apocalypse Vehicle - Petrol or diesel or maybe electric?

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What apocalypse vehicle would you buy?

Ive been thinking of getting a small cheap 4x4 here in Spain for playing around in and general bad weather duties, Ive had old defenders in the past and always thought I would get another here with the simple 2.5D engine in.. But Lada have also popped up on my radar and while they are petrol parts are super cheap and they have similar Lego brick like construction.

This then led on to me thinking (maybe I have too much time on my hands) what would happen if there were a fuel shortage, and what engine would be the easiest one to run/convert to run on home made fuels.

Obviously a diesel is the first to spring to mind and running on veg oil but it takes allot of space to grow enough feed stock to make vegetable oil, and even buying enough oil could become difficult.  So maybe home made ethanol is more realistic, and not to mention the potential of running petrol from wood gas....

So, what do you think? Would you buy petrol or Diesel or even electric to survive the apocalypse?

Looking forward to hearing opinions!



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The oldest and most basic diesel van I could find.

There's plenty of roads, somewhere to sleep in safety and an agricultural engine is what matters during the apocalypse.

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One of these bad boys.


Go almost anywhere,run on anything resembling fuel,can live in it,can be used with farming implements,and pretty much bomb proof mechanics. 

It's not like I've thought of this before.

There is an electrical substation about 10 miles from here,I reckon there would be one or two of them knocking about there.


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If by some mischance the apocalypse happened and I was still alive, I would probably settle for a horse. I don't think I'd be going too far, hopefully there would still be some grazing around here and worst case scenario I could eat it.

If something resembling petrol was available then, if I could get hold of it, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, it'll run on just about anything and can cope with shitty roads.


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6 hours ago, JimH said:

If you are talking properly apocolyptic then I'll go with steam thanks. Depending on your boiler design you coud run on pretty much anything and you would be aake pretty much anything you needed to keep it running.

Maybe not the ideal vehicle should you need to escape from rabid flesh-eating apocalypse zombies though.

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Whilst watching the travails of Mad Max I was struck with the irony that, in a post apocalyptic wasteland where people are willing to sell their own grandmothers for a tank of gasoline everyone seems to drive the least efficient vehicles imaginable, in the least efficient way imaginable.

As Jim H correctly points out though, no one wants to watch a load of masked men in arseless leather chaps hypermiling their way around the outback in diesel hatchbacks so I'm willing to allow for a bit of poetic license in respect of the choice of motah.

I've spent quite a few hours this week  standing in the effing cold and snow trying to help my dad kick his completely dead diesel Series III Land Rover into life with no luck. The problem with diesels is that even in basic form they do go wrong and when they do you're buggered. My petrol Land Rover on the other hand is a paragon of virtue, especially as I have been known to miss service intervals by decades before now. 

Not sure I'd trust my life to a Unimog either, they're awesome but incredibly complicated, and not exactly problem free. 

The best option is to look at what people actually do drive in apocalyptic wastelands, like Central Africa, Eastern Russia, the Australian interior or Rhonda Cynon Taf. Something like a Toyota, or Lada or an old Peugeot I reckon. Just paint it matt black, remove the wheel trims, fit a dummy nitrous kit and an ebay electric turbo and you'll have all the road warrior chic and 30mpg to boot.

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Unless there is a multitude of zombies, in which case you will need this.



For less than 10 large and the possessing the ability to be fixed by a bored Russian conscript armed with a large hammer and a bottle of vodka, you would be hard pressed to beat a ZIl 131.

6 litres of air cooled, V8  2 stroke goodness. :) Should run on anything from paraffin to gin.


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