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MotorPunk’s £16 Panda


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Cheers all. 7 tickets left - BUT


There is a chance that this will be called off. Close family member has just got word that their car needs far more work than they thought and this might be a viable alternative. I won't take payment until all is sure, will know soon enough. If it does go through I imagine that car might end up on here too so swings and roundabouts haha!


Family first I'm afraid especially in these weird times. Autoshite family a very close second tho. 

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PM sent - good luck all.

Now, I've never done the lottery and never will but someone said something about Wednesday. I don't even know when the lottery is drawn - so when is the next one/when do we aim to get all payment by?! 😛

Edit: after being assaulted by the bright colours of the Lotto website it is indeed Wednesday. Mid week excitement to get you past Monday!

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  • SmokinWaffle changed the title to 54 Plate Panda Eleganza - 35k - Roffle - Congrats Motorpunk!
  • Mrs6C changed the title to MotorPunk’s £16 Panda

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