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MotorPunk’s £16 Panda


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Thinking of getting rid of this as it's not really exciting me.

Short story: Chap gone into home, barely drove car back and fourth shopping. Believe its on 35k or so. Rescued. Got it running, gave it a bloody good clean that took hours and hours, new disks and pads on the front, new wipers all round. New battery too.

No MOT, needs the brakes bled as they're a bit soft & crap - all 4 tyres are cracked to hell but hold air. Wouldn't want to drive on them though. Have 4 nearly new ones to go on that'll come with it along with some new oil and a filter as I've not serviced it yet.

Edit: maybe I don't have oil and filter....or I've hidden it. Think of that as a bonus if I find it lol

Leccy windows, aircon, CD player, all seems to work as it should even the bulbs.

Long full story:




Does £350 or a cheap roffle (£6 a pop) seem fair? Given what I paid + the bits I got + effort it's not like I'm making millions - not that there is anything wrong with that even if I was but I figure it's better going to someone who will use it  is excited by it at least.

Just thinking out loud.


Roffle list:

  1.  @yes oui si
  2.  @95 quid Peugeot
  3.  @Minimad5
  4.  @vaughant
  5. @Vincent Velocette
  6. @Jim Bell
  7. @Jim Bell
  8.  @MrDuke
  9.  @Shite Ron
  10. @mitsisigma01
  11. @Steve79
  12.   @motorpunk
  13.  @yes oui si
  14. @Steve79
  15.  @Wilko220
  16.  @Fabergé Greggs
  17.  @djoptix
  18. @CaptainBoom
  19. @mitsisigma01
  20.  @UltraWomble
  21.  @95 quid Peugeot
  22.  @Minimad5
  23. @Petrolize
  24.  @busmansholiday
  25. @pilninggas
  26. @UltraWomble
  27.  @scdan4
  28.  @scdan4
  29.  @scdan4
  30. @philibusmo
  31.  @Macscrooge
  32. @Talbot
  33. @Andyrew
  34.  @Gerrymcd
  35.  @Gerrymcd
  36.  @Gerrymcd
  37.  @UltraWomble
  38. @motorpunk
  39.  @yes oui si
  40.  @MrDuke
  41.  @Minimad5
  42. @mitsisigma01
  43. @Steve79
  44.  @djoptix
  45. @Steve79
  46.  @sofarsogood
  47. @marm
  48.  @MrDuke
  49. @Aston Martin
  50.  @vaughant
  51.  @busmansholiday
  52. @Jim Bell
  53.  @95 quid Peugeot
  54. @mitsisigma01
  55. @Vincent Velocette
  56.  @vaughant
  57.  @UltraWomble
  58.  @Minimad5
  59.  @yes oui si
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2 hours ago, busmansholiday said:

Foook me, if that wasn't so far away your bank account would already be £350 healthier.



Ive looked at train times & driving times and sadly this be too far for me to realistically grab. I might have another think when the C3 comes back from the garage tomorrow. Depends if the problem has been cured. GLWTS.

Fuggit tho - 4 randoms please preferably somewhere round the middle of the board

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  • SmokinWaffle changed the title to 54 Plate Panda Eleganza - 35k - Roffle - Congrats Motorpunk!
  • Mrs6C changed the title to MotorPunk’s £16 Panda

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