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The free Golf V5 now gets a freebie interior

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I started the car up for the first time since bringing it back from its MOT last week and even after just one oil change things are improving.

The engine sounds fantastic and although the oil is dirty it’s isn’t that horrific so come April I will use it for a month and try and get 500 miles in and drop the oil and filter again

The journey down to East Kent and back  alone should put close on a couple of hundred miles on the old girl.




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Not much to report on the golf at the moment but I went all high tech and splashed out £4 on a Sat Nav for it as I can never get on using my phone as it always ends up in the footwell of the car if I need it for directions.

Also i fitted a new aerial base today as the old one was looking tired and the seal had gone and the aerial was snapped off anyway.

Its a cheap Chinese copy which I paid about £3 for as I went for the shorter aerial as I wanted the boy racer look and it works a treat also the longer aerial and base was another quid lol.



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I actually thought I might as well start using the V5 today and although I prefer driving my old Compact I would say the build quality is way ahead of the BMW as although neglected it feels a more expensive car although a bit boring to drive but it makes up for that with the lovely 5 pot burble.

I cleaned behind the arch liners yesterday and although it was full completely of mud I couldn’t find any rot which surprised me so while it was apart I gave it a coat of waxoyl.

I also put a new set of centre caps on the old girl and gave it a polish and removed the interior door handles as I wanted to remove the horrible rubber stuff that covers them.

I also popped over to my mums today and took her shopping in it and couldn’t believe the difference and was telling me my father was a real boy racer in the thing as he didn’t like to be beaten away from the traffic lights in it.






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  • Vince70 changed the title to V5 Golf is now getting used but has a dodgy temperature gauge.

Today it went for its first long drive in years and got 29.7 according to the computer and didn’t think that was bad for a 2.3 auto but I was doing a steady 50/60 mph and tried not using kick down if I could help it.

I did have one problem though and that was the temperature gauge fluctuates between quarter and a half and wondered if it’s got a dodgy thermostat or temp sensor.

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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

I've had both fail - how quickly does it fluctuate?  If it drops quickly it's the sensor. Should be an easy fix, they normally push in with a clip to retain it

It seems to get up to the 90 halfway mark then I can see the temperature gauge drop down to the quarter mark in about a minute then when I turn the engine off and back on again it’s sitting at 90 again.

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I’ve been using the car quite a bit lately and it’s been great and I can achieve 30 to the gallon if I don’t give it a kick down to often for a bit of 5 cylinder warble .

But I had a result the other day as I was on Facebook marketplace and a spare set of rear recaros in mint condition came up for free to collector as they’ve been sitting in the guys loft for years so went and picked those up yesterday so if I ever get a rip in one of my front seats or damage the rears I now won’t have a problem sourcing the material or I can just replace the rears.

At the moment though it’s at the garage as I’ve started getting a knock when hitting potholes from the front suspension and the ABS light has now decided to come on permanently and my cheap code reader says it’s a near side front sensor and I’m hoping the knock is just drop links and roll bar bushes.


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  • Vince70 changed the title to The free Golf V5 now gets a freebie interior

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