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Been to the races

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Saturday was just an ordinary day, except that my neighbour had said " lets go to the races", or to be specific to the NZ Historic grand prix, which was being held in Taupo only 40 minutes drive away

The program included saloons, formula junior, trans am and the old but impressive and noisy formula 5000 open wheelers.

Have a look. the camera is poor and did not pick up the noise, but I am sure you can imagine the sound of a straight-piped 7 litre Ford , or a Dodge Viper.IMG_2284.thumb.JPG.c106dfe15cf0041db76f0ab7f9ad3b99.JPG





^^^^ A company car !!


After their races all the Anglia drivers got together.




Crap video to come soon !



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1 hour ago, hairnet said:


what was number 50?

No. 50 is a recreation of the almost legendary Custaxie, a '55 ford Customline with a Galaxie ? engine mounted pretty well amidship so the driver sits where the rear seat would be. The original is now a museum piece, I believe it is in Nelson.


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11 minutes ago, sheffcortinacentre said:

Was about to say the custaxie replica.

We're any of the osca cortinas there?

I believe one MK2 & MK3 survive.

There was a huge Ford presence there, but my knowledge of them is not great and only spent a few minutes looking. I did not see any Cortinas on the track.

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Funny that, I went there on Sunday! Got one or two action shots of Escorts and Aglias 3-wheeling round corners - the Anglia owners seemed to be having the most fun and did line-ups at the end of their races, albeit with only 4 cars, not 5.

Looks like one or two interesting cars in the paddock weren't there when I went. I'll update my spotted thread in good time but I'm about a year behind, as it is!

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Aye, great minds think alike!

Must admit I didn't have a drink all day, as I hung around watching the racing instead. Cue a splitting headache when I got home!


Here's some hot Ford action, to make up for the piss-poor video:


Genuine ex-Alan Mann Escort, still with the HOOxxxF number plate on the back. Not being driven lightly. That back Mustang ended with the side you can see all caved in during a later race, when it spun and hit the bales. Still drove back to the pits, though.



Almost all the historic Fords looked period correct (no massive rims/lairy modern paint jobs), which cannot be said for a lot of their road-going brethren.



This Anglia's suspension was super wobbly and thus it slowed the driver down but he seemed to be revelling in its waywardness and was using ALL the track as compensation.



Emerging from the same corner! He was also the most tootiest on the horn and vigorous of waving arms, during the Anglia group drive-bys.



Fair to say that rally suspension is not ideal for tracks.


All in all, good value at £15 for a ticket, despite the godawful wind. STUNO went on the cheaper day, that was £12.50!

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