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Northern Ireland members near Tandragee ?

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I realise it would be unlawful, and more importantly unwise, to ask someone to have a look at a car in the present circumstances, but just wondering if theres any chance anyone knows the Trader who is selling the cheap Boxster on Gumtree ?
1999 Porsche Boxster | in Tandragee, County Armagh | Gumtree
I'm near Belfast. Don't know that trader but dear lord that's a cheap Boxster. I'll ask Faker.....

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I worry that its too cheap. Its exactly the same ad that was on Gumtree for weeks earlier in the year and has now reappeared.

One picture of the car. Almost no details, but spares / repairs. I could give him a call, but might encounter a smooth talking liar - aka a Motor trader.

Got a good friend in Bangor who would normally go and have a look for me, but of course , it cant be done at the moment.

Very tempting at that price though, as long as it isnt just a pile of scrap metal in Metallic red.


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There is no Crisp anywhere that can come even close to Tayto Cheese & Onion. Anyone who tries to tell you any different is someone who cannot be trusted. End of. 🤪

As for those fuckin Walkers crisps everyone eats in the South of England. They can shove them up their arse. They are hideous.

If I cant get Tayto, Golden Wonder are the next best thing.

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