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AS Calendar 2021 - Dispatchio!


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2 hours ago, brownnova said:

Excellent! Glad so many people have got it today! 

Blue pen or black pen... Mrs Brownnova is responsible for the penmanship in black and I in the blue fountain pen. 

Blue fountain pen.  Thank you for your work on this, it's cheered up the loading bay no end!

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Yay, got mine today - thanks! I'd forgotten about it, so that was a pleasant surprise and Fudge the cat is very happy to be immortalised. Impressively thick paper.

It's already up in the temporary home office and was used to work out a delivery date for a DAF. Sadly not a 55 or 66, but a fairly large piece of effluent treatment equipment. 

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22 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Who was the most popular* customer in your PO today? I went around 2:30pm, they had stacks of those grey sacks of parcels to go.

The woman was not impressed at having to do them all individually... but was actually very good to me and worked hard to get them in yesterday’s post! 

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Blue calligraphy on my envelope containing 3x calendars. 
1 in pride of place on office notice board. 
1 bound for the garage. 
1 for a friend. Well he is at the moment...

Much excitement from me, accompanied by rolling of eyes and head shaking from Management. 


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      Right then folks, as per this thread:
      I was brave daft enough to put my hand up to arrange this years ovishul Autoshite calendar.  Time is not our friend on this as you will all want* to peel back that white/brown envelope and start marking time in fine style on the 1st of February.  I'll do all that I can to make that happen, but bear with me please. 
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      The cost this year is going to be around the £10.00 mark (depending on order volumes), I know that it was £9.00 last year but there has been a lot of Ukraine/Energy price rises/Brexit/COVID/Prime Minister changes/death of a Monarch/Strikes/Neowhatsitism <-- delete invalid excuses where appropriate.  I'm not making anything from this, I can assure you of that.
      To cut a bit of cost I will use (my) child labour to stuff and address the envelopes and my employers have kindly donated* calendar mailers free of charge.  For the shiters who are in the area of the 'pimple on the arsehole of mankind' (Orpington, London/Kent borders) you may get hand delivery as I'll borrow my kids bus pass, or persuade the Audi to turn money into forward motion and smoke.
      Lastly, please can I have a show of hands as to who would like a calendar? Bung your name down with an expression of interest (and a quantity if you would like more than one).  I'll borrow Brownnova's idea of a form to fill in to take address details etc, and I'll work out taking payment when I have an order total.
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