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Autoshite pony express request. OX14 Abingdon- Stoke on Trent (or at least closer to me) (van or tow bar req)

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Bought a towing dolly from eBay yesterday but it seems most of the country are now in tier4, the wife isn't keen on me travelling down to collecting and thinks I should leave it until COVID is all over (i.e some time in the next 10 years) Is anyone passing Abingdon and going north, or is anyone local who could look after it for me until I can collect? 

I think people are allowed to travel for work purposes but not pleasure, so maybe this would suit a pro-shiter of some description. 

It's perfectly towable according to the seller and has reflectors on the back end, although a trailer board may be advisable. 


a negotiable amount of beer tokens available. 

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This might not be happening at all now, despite being paid and agreeing to store the dolly until I can collect the seller has just relisted this on eBay.  I’ve messaged and text him to ask what’s going on but haven’t had a response. 

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Well , that’s not on.

 I would grab this for you if I was heading down the A34 but don’t know when that might be yet. I’d have thought another shiteist would be closer but I suppose it’s a cumbersome thing to transport and store.

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Those amplus trailers are great, as long as the tyres are good.? They ‘tend’ to be aged  light aircraft rubber that feels sound- till you load it, at which point they fail.   Ask me how I know....

It’ll tow home, unloaded- no issues ; but I would recommend a close check& a trial run with something weighty.

Wheels ( probably needed cos you’ll knacker the rims, stopping, if the tyre blows) are difficult to find & replacement rubber is  pretty dear. I’m also “ not sure” how  Traffic Plod. would now view aircraft tyres - designed for landing type shear stress - being used for constant high load towing. 

Having said all that, it’s absolutely brill for loading  single end damage  motors.   That ain’t ‘alf ‘ ‘eavy , though!

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