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As 2020 hasn't been awful enough yet: My £750 Citroen C6!

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9 hours ago, Schaefft said:

Had a look around for petrol C6s today. Cheapest one was 14 grand in France(1 of 2 for sale), 19 grand in Germany 1 of 6, had almost 200k km). At what point did these get so expensive?!

That's because they sold very few. Apart from the relative simplicity, and increased smoothness, there isn't much point to the petrol ones, really. They're slower/more gutless than the diesels, and it's not like you can enjoy the soundtrack as they're muted so much for cruising. I think the C6 is one of those odd cases where it actually suits being a diesel more.

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I have read this as much as possible, but from the negative camp: my brand new C6 was probably one of the least-satisfying cars I've ever owned.

To the point where I was gutted that a potential buyer got spooked and wouldn't trade their Signum in because they didn't trust that it was on finance still.

But to shift it the Citroen dealer had to pre-reg it, throw £4K discount, cheap finance and £2000 more on my PX. So that £38,000 Exclusive + lounge pack was really £24,000.

Nail in the coffin was that my 1.8 Xantia estate had a better ride.

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